Alia Lyrans

Alia Lyrans

Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Alia Lyrans
Character's Nickname(s): Ally, Lia (Lee-ah)

Race: Human
Birth date: 28th Solace, 9.10
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Amaranthine City, Arling of Amaranthine
Height: 5' 6"
Build: Athletic
Marital status: Separated 
Class: Warrior
Specialization: None
Occupation(s): Mercenary and Bandit
Companion(s): A tamed magpie, named Silver

Hair: Dark brown, completely straight and falls to the middle of her back. Usually scraped back into a pony tail.
Eyes: Hazel-green

Other: Alia has a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks which are usually obscured due to the constant weathering from being on the road. She has as multitude of faint scars across her body from life on the road, but nothing which would clearly identify her on a 'Wanted' poster.

Weapons: Steel (Tier 3) battle-axe, a Grey Iron (Tier 2) dagger

Usual Garments/Armor: Reinforced Leather (Tier 5)

Inventory: Coin, flint to sharpen her blades, basic healing poultices, a vial of liquid sedative

Basic Skill(s): Basic healing, basic cooking

Trade Skill(s): Bartering, Mercenary

Languages: Common (fluent; illiterate)

In-Game Skill(s): Coercion, Improved Coercion, Stealing, Improved Stealing, Herbalism, Combat Training, Improved Combat Training, Combat Tactics

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Precise Striking, Threaten

Passive Abilities: Powerful, 

Activated Abilities: Pommel Strike, Taunt

Feisty and brash, Alia is the definition of 'act first, think later'. She takes life as it comes, rarely worrying about what might lie just over the horizon, meaning that money slips through her fingers like water. As a result, she is often tied up in some scheme or another, relying heavily on gut instinct to guide her decisions. Thus far, it is an approach which has served her well.

Outspoken, she will not hesitate to deride those she dislikes as freely as she lauds those she admires. Unsurprisingly, if someone has wronged her, the grudge she bears is long and deep. But this does not prevent Alia from making her own questionable choices: where coin is involved, she will always put her own interests ahead of anyone else. 

Born to an impoverished family already struggling to scrape by, Alia has always known the meaning of self-reliance. Living cheek-by-jowl with countless others in impoverished conditions within the forgotten districts of the City of Amaranthine provided an education of which the Chantry could not even conceive. By the time that Alia was ten, she was a passable thief and had learned that just the right pitch of bluster could be as successful as outright brawling. So it was that she developed her most basic skills which would serve her throughout her life.

When Alia was in her early teens, she joined up with a small criminal gang. They had neither the wits nor skill to progress beyond the petty theft and extortion, but Alia never went hungry as she had growing up. Within a matter of months, she had left the pitiful hovel she called home and committed herself entirely to the gang. Yet not long after, she discovered that her role would never be anything more than the distracting pretty face. Infuriated, she stole what coin and supplies she could carry, and made a anonymous tip-off to the City Guard about the gang's next shake-down.

Now, however, she found herself in a dilemma. She had sufficient knowledge to pickpocket but no network to pass off goods. So she turned her attention to the myriad of taverns lining the docks, seeking out an opportunity. It was risky but her instinct served her well: she secured a job with one of the local smugglers, keeping watch at a rundown warehouse. In the boredom of the night hours, another of the smugglers taught her the basics of how to use a dagger, giving her something more than her fists to use in a fight.

But watching over warehouses didn't pay very well. Once again, Alia sought out a new opportunity. This time, however, she was far more assertive in what she wanted: to be trained to fight in return for a period of service. Most of the criminals laughed in her face but one small-time mercenary group agreed. They could use a fresh young face for their more legitimate operations. So it was that Alia was recruited, turning her knowledge of using a dagger into something more impressive: a battle-axe. It was her choice, and one which raised a few brows, but no one argued. She soon possessed an adequate ability with the battle-axe to add to her basic ability with a dagger. Coupled with her street-learned skills, it was more than many a petty criminal could call upon.

The Fifth Blight only served as a chance to further hone her skills. Now almost twenty, Alia had secured her position within the mercenary group, exerting influence over decisions. She had even entered into a wild and passionate dalliance with another of the mercs, marrying him on a whim on Summerday of 9.29. Yet with the fallout from Arl Howe and Teyrn Loghain, not to mention the tainted darkspawn erupting through the earth, the mercenary group scattered to the wind, including Alia's new husband. She didn't blame him... but neither would she pause to bury her battle-axe in his head the next time she saw him.

Unable to gain passage across to the Free Marches, Alia remained in her home city and offered her skills to the highest bidder, often accompanying nervous merchants and traders throughout the arling, and sometimes beyond. Necessity during this time meant she learned the basics of herbalism, having only herself to rely upon given the calamity unfolding all around. Whenever the mercenary jobs dried up, she turned to casual banditry, seeing very little issue with 
swapping roles if it meant her belly was full. However, she made certain to do so only in the furthest reaches of the arling, not wishing to draw the attention of the City Guard upon her.

In the aftermath of the Blight, Alia continued to pick and choose whether she was a mercenary or a bandit, especially with the all-out disaster that was the Hero of Ferelden's "defence" of Amaranthine. It was during this time that Alia discovered a fledging magpie who had fallen from a nest in the high cranny of a building. Once again, gut instinct told her to take it home. She nursed and cared for it, gaining its trust. She named it 'Silver': one of the few genuine connections she has forged throughout her lifetime.

Now, Alia has built a steady network of casual criminal connections, though none whom she would think twice about betraying if required - and knows the same is true for them. She travels around the arling as her whim (and coin) takes her.


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