Lyrium, Chantry and GW

Since the lyrium smuggling has evolved into a big plot, I thought it was worth keeping track of how it started and how it progresses.


9th Guardian, 9.35: Creepy Creeping Creepers Alistair and Leliana uncover a lyrium smuggling operation in the tunnels beneath Vigil's Keep/Amaranthine. There are questions over the connection: Bhelen, Wardens, Chantry. Regardless, the potential for unrest is high.

12th Guardian, 9.35: Go-Between Delilah visits Alistair in Vigil's Keep, trying to uncover more about what happened three days ago. She states that Orric's refusal to provide reports to the Chantry about the smuggling discovery is antagonising an already delicate situation, and she seeks to act as mediator before relations worsen. She also remarks that she had previously provided reports of smuggling activity to Orric as Arl but no action was taken. She is able to convince Alistair to provide an anonymous report of what he discovered.   

15th Drakonis, 9.35: Addicted to Being Right Henri-Julien is suffering withdrawal as a result of limited access to lyrium due to the events of above.
"After the Left Hand of the Divine had uncovered a smuggling operation involving untold quantities of lyrium dust, the Chantry in Amaranthine had tightened their hold even further on the supplies of lyrium. Given the reported involvement of a crooked Grey Warden, they had restricted trade with the Grey Wardens, insisting that proof be provided that either the individual had been apprehended or that the initial information was false. Yet while said proof had been provided, the Chantry were taking their time about reviewing the restrictions, insisting that their investigations be thorough." Link
In this post, Orric orders the Templars to leave their supply of lyrium with Henri-Julien or he will take it by force. He then escorts the Templars back to Amaranthine City with an armed Warden escort.

15th Drakonis, 9.35: Drawing Battle Lines [not RP'd; alluded to only] Orric confronts the Chantry about the behaviour of the Templars. This only worsens the situation.

30th (approx) Drakonis, 9.35: Lessa accompanies the newly Joined Daniel Hunter from the Free Marches to Ferelden as he travels to take up duties as a GW in Vigil's Keep. Unbeknownst to her, he is a Chantry-sent spy.

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