Daniel Bryce Hunter

Daniel Hunter

Basic Information

Character's Full Name: Daniel Bryce Hunter

Character's Nickname(s): Danny

Birth date:17th First Fall 9.09
Gender: Male 
Birthplace: Starkhaven, Free Marches
Height: 5'8
Marital status: single
Class: Rogue 
Specialization:  Templar
Occupation(s): Grey Warden
Companion(s): None


Hair: Mousey Brown hair that is short and well groomed.
Eyes:Storm-cloud Grey
Other: A Defined build due to his archer training
Weapons: Longbow made of Whitewood and a short bow made from Elm, A small steel dagger and a quiver of arrows
Usual Garments/Armor: Templar inscribed leather armour, the flaming sword engraved on the front, His armour is enchanted with a Novice Barrier rune
Inventory: Lyrium kit plus two vials already made. Chantry symbol of Andraste, a small book of the Chant of light. Shaving Kit and small mirror. He also carries a small bottle of oil and a cleaning cloth to clean his bows


Basic Skill(s): Cooking and basic first aid, knowledge on the history of the Chantry and the Templars, Drawing and painting. 
Trade Skill(s): Bow repair and Maintenance, fletcher,
Languages:  Read and write common fluently. 
In-Game Skill(s):  Combat Training, Improved Combat Training, Combat Tactics, Improved Combat Tactics, Survival, Improved Survival, Expert Combat Training, Master Combat Training

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Rapid Shot, Aim, Suppressing Fire
Passive Abilities:  Melee Archer
Activated Abilities:  Pinning shot, Crippling shot, Shattering Shot, Critical shot, Cleanse area, Holy Smite.


Daniel is one of those who believes Mages should be kept locked in a tower (or in this case the Gallows). He does not believe that mages should have any freedom and sees the world as black and white, there is no grey area where magic is concerned. He is unflinchingly loyal to the Templar Order and the Chantry and sees Meredith as an example of what all Knight Commanders should aspire to be. 

He does not act jovial and in fact can come across quite harsh and stoic and finds no humour in anything, In his life there is the Chantry, the Order and the Mages, his life does not allow for parties and fun things. Such events can lead to a dereliction of duty which would be unforgiveable in his eyes. In many ways he is the image of a Templar that most people see when they see the Stoic guardians of the Chantry and protector of the populace from the madness of mages. There might be a personality under there, but as of yet no one has found it. 


Daniel was born in Starkhaven, the second son of a minor but wealthy noble family and as such he has impeccable manners and is very well spoken. As a young boy Daniel would listen to his mother sing of the mighty warriors who carried the faith of Andraste and the will of the Chantry through to the masses. When Daniel was five his mothers niece came into her magic. Daniels mother, Lady Serena, a very pious woman took this as a sin against her brothers family, and would talk about how humiliating it was to have a mage born into thier family and how swiftly the Templars arrived to deal with it. Daniel did ask how Jessika's Magics appeared and his mother would only say where no one expected it and left it at that. It was only later that Daniel discovered it was during a Chantry Service and a couple of sisters and members of the congregation were hurt before she could be contained. With the stories his mother had told him about the Templars and thier sacred duties to both Chantry and mage, coupled with the events of his cousins awakening Daniel idolised the Templars and told his mother and father he wanted to become a Templar. As a Second son it was to be expected. His older brother would inherit the title and his two sisters would be married off or sent to the Chantry, such was the way of things. 

Daniel joined the Templars and was taken to thier Monastery at Starkhaven to begin his training and it would be home until he was 18. Being the son of a wealthy nobleman and woman, Daniels parents would visit once every six months His mother would have liked it to have been more, but his father did not want his sons prospects hindered by thier interference. Whilst his father was Andrastian, he was not as pious as his wife, but even he knew that Daniel could not afford the distractions regular visits would cause, never the less he made a sizeable donation to the Chantry and was allowed to visit his son every 6 months for a couple of hours.  This also gave his mother a chance to remind her son constantly that he was doing the Makers holy work and that one day he would be a Soldier of the Chantry, carrying out the Makers sacred work and carrying the blessings of Andraste in his heart. Whilst some kids would roll thier eyes and say yes mother, Daniel took in every word of what his mother said and it began to mould him and shape him. 

Daniel was a quiet boy in the Monastery, he rarely engaged with anyone and would be found with a copy of the Chant of Light reading it from cover to cover until he almost knew it off by heart or he would have his nose in a history book where he would learn about the History of the Chantry and the Order and, strangely enough the history of the Circle. He also had an aptitude for painting and drawing and in his free time, when he wasn't studying or saying prayers to the maker, he could be found outside drawing the view he saw. There were those who believed he was a gentle soul and maybe too gentle for the order, but a Sister of the Monastery saw him for what he was, simply a young man with a deep love for the Maker and the Blessed Bride so she waved any concerns about it away. 

As a Templar, Daniel was trained with all weapons, such was the need to be able to use any that came to hand as and when the need arose, however he favoured the bow. Daniel admired the way the arrow flew in to the ranks of the enemy and, as the instructor told them, how it could incapacitate at distance. However a Bow was not the only weapon he carried, he also trained with the dagger,  so he had a second weapon to hand if the bow didn't stop the enemies advance. It was this weapon that Daniel excelled in, and being a solitary kind of youth, he took up learning how to maintain and repair the bow himself, a suggestion from another recruit who had actually seen how natural he was with the bow. She also said that if he knew how to repair and maintain his weapon then, if they were out hunting apostates or malificarum, it would be easier if he knew how to repair his weapon with what was at hand. This was Daniels first friend in the Order Lora, she was also an Archer and together they would practise and train until they became the best in thier class. 

When Daniel was 16 his parents came for a visit and his father presented him with a Longbow that he had specially commissioned. Made with the finest Whitewood it had the Templar insignia carved into the front and Daniel still uses the bow to this day. He was trained in the Short bow but the Longbow was his preferred weapon. Whilst Daniel was an excellent Archer he was not a good warrior, he felt clumsy with a shield and sword, as if they weren't really for him. His skill with the Bow was what got him through and the tutors recognised this however they did make him train harder with the Dagger as it seemed to suit him better than a sword and shield. They also told him when he was stationed as a circle it would not be practical for him to rely on the bow in such a close quarter environment. 

Daniel came to the attention of Sister Agnetha, the sister who had waved off concerns about wether he would be suited to the life of a Templar. She had, in the intervening years, become something a mentor to him. There were some Sisters who believed Daniels mother might have been over zealous in her expectations of her sons belief in the Maker but Agnetha not only took what his mother had told him but she expanded upon it. She would give him thesis to write on why he believed the Mages should remain in the Towers and why. It was through his answers that she discovered the shame his mother and by extension himself, felt at one of their own blood becoming a mage. Agnetha had, far more extreme views on mages than her sisters and brothers. She believed that Mages should never be given the same rights as the everyday man, and that they should also be kept within the tower, anything less than that would endanger the world. and slowly but surely she parted this information to Daniel. Not all at once but every now and then she would drop it into her lessons with him.  So much so, that by the time Daniel graduated, with his mothers fervent declarations of the Chantry and the Templars and the Sisters subtle teachings, he became that which they expected, a fully dedicated member of the Templar Order, loyal to the Templar path and, more importantly devoted to the Chantry. Being in the shadow of his more popular brother when he was younger, had made him wonder if he was going to be a nobody, with nothing but his parents rank and money to sustain him. When he took his first Lyrium draught it made him feel that he had finally found his place, Doing the Makers work as it was meant to be done, and protecting  the masses from the ravages of the mages. 

He was stationed at the Starkhaven Circle for a few months, under the mentorship of another archer by the name of Finnr. Finnr was a hard taskmaster but he was fair and he would point out different ways of doing things that would aid his new brother and would phrase it so that he didn't sound too condescending. Daniel attended his first Harrowing five months after he had arrived. Finnr had warned him what could happen, and what they would have to do. He had read about the Harrowing and what it was all about, but this was the first time he had seen it. There were to be two that day and he would attend both. The first one went off without a hitch but the second one did not go well,  the mage came out of the fade ranting and raving and before Daniels horrified eyes went from human to demon in the blink of an eye. He did not hesitate and alongside his mentor cut the possessed mage down. Now Daniel got a firm grasp of how dangerous magic was, and how easily swayed Mages could be to get what they wanted. 

From Starkhaven he went to Ostwick and it was here that he first met the Grey Wardens. His sergeant was not a happy man when the Wardens recruited one of the mages from the circle to join them. When Daniel asked if they could do that, his sergeant told him they were allowed to recruit one mage as per thier agreements to battle the darkspawn. At first Daniel shrugged it off, the Grey Wardens were a noble order but, when the sergeant then dropped in that the Mages under the wardens could come and go as they pleased, they had no circle and no Templar was allowed to watch over them then he started to think that someone somewhere made a cock up. Who else but Templars could control mages? why should the Grey Wardens be allowed to have mages if they had no way of controlling one that became an abomination or practised blood magic? when he was told by the same man that Wardens did what they must to defeat the Darkspawn including blood magic, Daniel was horrified and, like other Templars, took a dislike to the Order for its floating of chantry law 

Not only that but he  was reunited with not just Finnr but his best friend Lora. Neither were surprised at what he had said when he told them what he had learnt about the Grey Wardens and it only made his belief that the Chantry were the only ones who understood the mage threat stronger. He was to deal with some insolent mages at Markham, ones that saw Templars as thier jailers and tried to call for an end to the Tyranny of the Chantry, one or two of them even tried to preach the outlawed Tevinter doctrine  Daniel got into an altercation with one who, fearing he might be cut down for his views let loose a whoosh of flame that not only scaled Daniels arm but engulfed Finnr cooking him in his armour. The mage was struck down and killed before he could harm anyone else and Daniel was taken to the healer. Lora came to see him and sat with him while he healed and told him that Finnr had died. She also told him that lately there had been similar murmurings in other circles, Six months later whilst taking a group of mages into the Marches to gather herbs and other flowers for thier studies two tried to escape and one of them sent a blast of lighting at Lora killing her and one other Templar Daniel aimed his bow and and let loose an arrow that incapacitated one mage, the one that had killed his friend however he took aim and let fly, deliberately aiming for the head and found his mark. Sister Agnetha had been right all along. Mages could never be trusted and as long as he wore a Templars sacred armour, he would make sure they did as they were told. There was an inquest into the mages death and when asked why Daniel had killed him, he replied that the mages life was forfeit the moment he took the life of a templar. There could be no coming back from that, if they had wounded Lora and the other Templar then they would have been returned in chains but to take the life of a Templar in the course of thier sacred duty was a sin.This got him noticed by a Knight Captain who sent a missive to Kirkwall.  Soon after he was transferred to Kirkwall and here he came into his own.

Knight Commander Meredith took the young man under her wing, placed him in the care of one of her more loyal knights and watched from a distance as Daniel not only exhibited the qualities that she expected of her Knights, but also a deep faith that she found lacking in some quarters. Daniel had always worshipped the Templars, and as his service in Kirkwall continued, Meredith  became his hero. There was nothing he would not do for her there was nothing anyone could say that could change that. The Knight Commander knew what was what, she even spoke to him on occassions, expressing regret at the death of his only two friends but reminding him that they had given thier lives in service to the Chantry, something they can all take solace in.  With the Chantrys concerns over the Grey Wardens growing more since the Blight in Ferelden, and the appointment of a new Warden Commander who seemed to have annoyed some of the Chantry. In early 9.35 Meredith was sent an order from a high ranking Chantry member. She was to have one of her Templars, preferably one who had unwavering loyalty and devotion to both the Chantry and the Order go through the joining and to act as a spy within the ranks of the Grey Wardens. Meredith chose Daniel. His zealous and devotion to the order and chantry would ensure that whatever they learnt would be what they would eventually need. Daniel did not want to at first, until Meredith reminded him that Grey Wardens had no Circle, allowed no Templars into thier compounds to oversee thier mages and operated outside of Chantry authority. She also gave him a suit of inscribed leather armour, as a gift to thank him for his service to her and for his agreeing to do what would be considered a dangerous undertaking.  Daniel felt his pride swell at her confidence in him and vowed to do whatever was necessary for him to undertake this mission for her and the Chantry 

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