Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Leliana
Character's Nickname(s): Leli
Race: Human
Birth date: 15th Solace, 9.06
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Vasseur estate, Orlais
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic
Marital status: Single
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Bard
Occupation(s): Left Hand of the Divine
Companion(s): None

Hair: Russet coloured, kept in a short bob which skims the bottom of her jaw. Occasionally, Leliana will braid sections, intertwined with ribbons, either for practicality or fun.

Eyes: Blue

Other: Despite her striking appearance, Leliana is adept at merging with a crowd when necessary; she is capable of being seen yet forgotten all in a moment.

Weapons: Sylvanwood (Tier 6) short bow, two Silverite (Tier 6) small daggers which are enchanted with Master Striking Rune, only recently obtained through her connection to the Divine. Her natural skill with a bow means that she did not choose to have her bow enchanted.

Usual Garments/Armor: When travelling, Leliana will wear armour made from Reinforced Leather (Tier 5) - this is a deliberate choice given the more inconspicuous dark grey colour. To counter the lower tier, the armour has been enchanted with Grandmaster Barrier and Celestial Runes, only recently obtained through her connection to the Divine. She also wears a dark-grey cowl for warmth and to obscure her identity where necessary.

Otherwise, she wears a variety of fashions, but always with bright colours, layered in deliberate ways to be both warm and eye-catching, and always Fereldan with a touch of Orlesian flair - never the other way around. She also indulges in wearing many different styles of shoes.

Inventory: A selection of ribbons, lockpick tools, tools for repairing and fletching arrows, a sprig of Andraste's Grace

Basic Skill(s): Basic cooking, basic first aid, sewing, arrow fletching

Trade Skill(s): Translator, Spymaster, Minstrel, Pickpocket

Languages: Orlesian (native - literate & fluent); Common (native - literate & fluent); Dalish (basic conversational); Tevene (conversational; read only); Antivan (conversational only); Rivaini (conversational only)

In-Game Skill(s): Coercion, Improved Coercion, Stealing, Improved Stealing, Trap-making, Survival, Healing, Combat Training, Improved Combat Training, Expert Combat Training, Combat Tactics, Combat Improved Tactics

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Aim, Defensive Fire, Stealth, Stealthy Item Use, Combat Stealth, Master Stealth , Rapid Shot, Suppressing Fire, Song of Valor, Song of Courage, Captivating Song, Deft Hands, Improved Skills, Mechanical Expertise

Passive Abilities: Melee Archer, Master Archer

Activated Abilities: Distraction, Pinning Shot, Crippling Shot, Critical Shot, Shattering Shot

Warm and vivacious, Leliana strives to be the ray of sunshine cutting through even the dreariest day. Her passion for storytelling and songs means that she is welcoming to everyone, and this friendly demeanour can often be mistaken for simple-mindedness. She takes delight in the simplest of things, though her early life has also given her an appreciation for the finer luxuries, and often seeks to surprise her friends with thoughtful gifts. She does possess a vanity which sometimes cannot be suppressed, hence her obsession with ribbons and shoes.

A devout Andrastian, Leliana lives by a strict moral code, informed by both the Chant and her own experience of life. She understands the necessity of morally questionable acts, but she will always strive to do the right thing if it is in her power to do so. Loyalty is fundamental to her, and those who have earned her loyalty can count on it in any circumstance. Those who betray it will swiftly come to understand their error of judgement.

However, for all the times she can bring light and warmth, Leliana will also not shy from becoming the unseen shadow in the darkest nightmare. She is not someone who should be treated without courtesy; her temper is formidable and her memory long for those who should be so foolish as to threaten her and hers. This is a woman who not only understands The Grand Game; she can, and has, manipulated it. Those who fail to recognise the astute intelligence which this woman possesses do so to their own detriment.

Born to a Fereldan servant serving in an Orlesian household, Leliana has always considered herself as Fereldan before Orlesian. She has very few memories of her mother but one which has remained is that of standing with her mother, overlooking the Waking Sea, with the scent of orange and lavender in the air. Whether this recollection is genuine or not does not matter to Leliana.

However, with the defeat of Orlais in the Fereldan Rebellion, the Vasseaur family returned to Orlais and Leliana’s mother returned with the rest of the household. However, when her mother died just after Leliana’s fourth birthday, Lady Cecile raised her, though did not formerly adopt her. With the death of her mother, Leliana, usually a bright and happy child, became withdrawn. In an effort to comfort her, Lady Cecile spoiled her with whatever she wished, but the young Leliana asked only for books. Soon, she developed a deep-seated interest in stories, ballads and songs. It did not matter to Leliana whether these were Orlesian, Fereldan or even elven. Eventually, tutors were employed to help further Leliana’s interests, leading to not only academic prospects but also a first-hand education in the Orlesian royal court and culture.

When she was sixteen, Leliana attended a soiree in Val Royeaux with Lady Cecile. This was where she met Marjolaine, a wealthy widow and patroness of the arts. When Marjolaine began visiting Lady Cecile, it was Leliana who often entertained her instead, awed by the woman. 

It was Marjolaine who gave Leliana her first bow and taught her how to use it. Moreover, when Leliana visited her in her Val Royeaux estate, Marjolaine also introduced the intricacies of becoming a Bard. The pair embarked on a romantic entanglement. This was also where Leliana met two companions, Tug and Sketch, and the trio travelled across Thedas. These days of freedom are some of the most warmly remembered in Leliana’s life. Unfortunately, as Leliana was developing her skills as an archer and Bard, Marjolaine had already realised that her pupil’s talents threatened to outshine her own. She had the three friends framed, arrested and abused.

Leliana’s escape, encouraged by a mysterious voice urging her to let the need of those who cannot fight be her strength, led her to the Revered Mother Dorothea. Dorothea, much like Leliana, was manipulated by Marjolaine. Although not apparent in that moment, nor immediately afterwards, the bond forged from their mutual betrayal would become one which would sustain Leliana throughout the years.

Having freed herself from the association with Marjolaine, Leliana made for Ferelden and joined the Chantry in Lothering as a lay sister, seeking absolution in newly found faith. During her time there, Leliana believed that she experienced a vision from the Maker Himself, and discovered a white rose on a dead bush. Both of these claims ostracised her from the Lothering community, but she paid no heed. Instead, she took it as a sign that she was destined to assist Aedan Cousland and help defeat the Fifth Blight. She joined his ragtag group and journeyed with them throughout the Fifth Blight, proving herself as a fearsome fighter and trusted friend. When her past caught up with her in Denerim, Leliana made the decision to kill Marjolaine, thus ending that particular painful chapter in her life. Reflecting later on this decision, Leliana realised that she was hiding her true self, and resolved to be more pragmatic. Her faith remains in the Maker but she no longer objects so vocally to more morally grey choices.

After the Blight, her future initially seemed assured in Ferelden. Yet as the bonds forged during the Blight have begun to unravel, Leliana has parted ways with a number of the companions, though their friendships always held in her heart. Her only regular contact is with Alistair. She is, however, ever ready to answer the call from any of those with whom she once fought side by side.

With little to keep her in Ferelden, Leliana travelled across Thedas once more, serving the Maker in her own particular way while passing for an Orlesian minstrel. However, when Dorothea sent her a summons in mid-9.34, Leliana returned to Val Royeaux. Once Dorothea had ascended to Divine Justinia V, Leliana formally accepted the invitation to become her Left Hand and spymaster. This is in part because Leliana shares the ideals which the woman holds, particularly the improvement in the welfare of the elves and maintaining, maybe even evolving, the fragile balance between mage and Templar. In her role as Left Hand, Leliana has access to no shortage of agents across Thedas, working to extend the secret network of the Divine Herself.

The simmering unrest in Kirkwall has turned Leliana’s attention to the Free Marches. Given the worrying developments, Leliana has made the decision to oversee the matters in the Marcher city personally, using the moniker of ‘Sister Nightingale’. However, for one who roams so freely, she cannot resist the lure of Ferelden and makes frequent visits, following up on information shared from her agents. At this point, Leliana has developed from the naïve wide-eyed girl into a shrewd and masterful Bard, bolstered by faith and focus.

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