Someones Knocking At the Door. [complete]

The trip out of Highever was blessedly without incident. The road was quiet, the weather fair, and the company not as awkward as on the way in. Drinks in the tavern had funnily helped clarify things between them, and Alistair felt more at ease. Enough to pick up their conversation from earlier.

"I was chosen," she told him, "and i was due to leave for the Denerim Monastery but when i sat outside and watched the people in the market i changed my mind. I wanted to give something back to the city that took me in and raised me." Many considered becoming a templar a service to the city, but Alistair kept that thought to himself, because obviously Alessandra disagreed. And probably for the better. A personality like hers would have been wasted, drenched in the indoctrination that turned the other Senior Warden into a dour wet blanket.

"I can't say the Revered Mother was very happy but, all things considered she was understanding about it. Strick she may have been Maker rest her soul. but she understood if you phrased it just right." Alessandra shrugged. "i think i got the better end of that conversastion, still knowing what i know now i do sometimes wonder if they knew who i was." If she had any hurt over being denied the identity of her living father, she brushed it away, and changed the subject. "You've been to Wieshaupt? Is it really as, bleak as they say up there?"

Alistair forced a faux shiver and made a noise of distaste. “Yes. It really is. They’re not exaggerating when they tell tales of the Anderfels being barren, nearly a wasteland. It’s as cold at night as it is blistering during the day, and that’s just the people in the drafty fortress.” He chuckled at his own joke. “Really, the worst vacation I’ve ever taken.” He chuckled again, shaking his head. “They want to know a lot of things I can’t really answer for them.” Never mind that some of it was that he wouldn’t tell them. “I’m very good at being ignorant when I need to be,” he added, as if he was giving away a very dire secret.

If you can avoid it, I recommend you do.

They continued on the road as Amaranthine’s city rose up around them. They passed through the market, waving at folks who were becoming familiar, the more time he spent at Vigil’s Keep.

Eventually the city fell away, and the Vigil rose up to greet them. Running from the gates was Barkspawn, barking at him with a scolding tone for leaving him behind.

You’re lucky you didn’t go, boy.” He dismounted and knelt down to welcome his Mabari into his arms, letting the hound drench him in a slobbery welcome. The hound turned, wiggling his stubbed tail and dancing excitedly to bark at Alessandra, as if to let her know that he was grateful for bringing his master back home.