David Silvestrie


Basic Information

Character's Full Name: David  Markus Silvestrie
Character's Nickname(s): Dave, Sil

Race: Human
Birth date: 6th Harvestmere 8.85 Blessed
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Gwaren, Ferelden
Height: 5'11
Build: muscled
Marital status: Single
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Templar
Occupation(s): Templar (Knight Lieutenant)
Companion(s): None


Hair: Black with a white streak on the fringe
Eyes: Hazel brown

Other: numerous battle scars and a burn mark on his right arm. 

Weapons: Steel Longsword with an expert Hale Rune in the blade. and Templar Shield. 

Usual Garments/Armor: Heavy Armour emblazed with the flaming sword on the front also has a Expert Barrier Rune imbedded into his armour . when not in armour wears smart but casual clothing. 

Inventory: A small first aid kit that enables minor healing until he can get to a healer. a whetstone to clean and sharpen his sword when needed, travelling clothes and casual clothes for when he is off duty and a small locked with a couple of strands of black hair belonging to the child he has only seen once. 


Sustained Abilities: Precise Striking, Threaten, Shield Defense, Shield Wall

Passive Abilities: Powerful, Bravery, Shield Balance, Righteous Strike, Mental Fortress

Activated Abilities: Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Overpower, Cleanse Area, Holy Smite

David can read Tevene, all the better to help him try and spot blood mages or any intercepted correspondence from mages of Kinloch Hold who may be looking for a way to "join thier Mage brothers". Socially he deals better with his order than he does any other order feeling more in common with them then anyone else. He can do basic field repair to his armour and weapons, enough to get him to a blacksmith and armour smith for more complex repairs to be be made by professionals. He can cook basic food but hes no chef. 


David is a Templar, he comes from a long line of Templars which has shaped his own personality. What is right is right what is wrong is wrong and perhaps more relevant, own your mistakes and learn from them, blame others for your failings then you do not deserve to wear the armour of the Templars.  He is strong willed and once his mind is set to do something, nothing can deter him from the course of action he has chosen, he is stubborn and tenacious, but he can be compassionate when the need arises and will protect and awakened mage child or a discovered mage until they return to the circle. That being said it is a fool who mistakes his compassion for weakness as some Templars and indeed some mages have discovered. 

When it comes to collecting a mage child from thier parents he is, perhaps more gentle in his dealings with them. Wether this is because of his own failings with not following through on finding his own child when mother and child never arrived at his parents, or wether he believes that a child is still an innocent, he sees nothing gained by forcibly taking them from thier parents, especially when, in most cases it will be the last they ever see of thier parents. 


Bron in Gwaren David's history was already mapped for him before he could walk. His grandfather, and grandfather before him So it was a no brainer.

Childhood: Given to the Templars at aged 8
Aged 18: Takes his first draught of Lyrium and is assigned to serve in the Denerim Cathedral Monastery. 
Aged 25; Assigned to Kinloch Hold. 
Aged 29: Whilst accompanying a Grey Warden with one of the mages, he is attacked by the Grey Warden who turns out to be a Blood Mage and a mage who is possessed. Although David barely escapes with his life he is successful in defeating the Warden and mage and is awarded the Kinloch Medal of our Blessed Lady, a stone specially made that. when held up to the light shows the symbol of the blessed lady. However due to the nature of the award and what it was for awarded for, any who knew have long since died, and one or two were, suspiciously murdered when they threatened to go to the Grey Warden Hierarchy with the information. Now only the Knight Commander and First Enchanter know why he was awarded such a honour. 
Aged 30: Whilst on leave and staying in Dragons Peak meets and has a liaison with a woman named Camilla. Nine months later Camilla gave birth to a daughter, David returned once word was sent to him by a trader. David gave Camilla his pendant and told her to take the child to his parents in Gwaren where they would both be taken care off. Camilla never arrived and David was left unaware of his child's fate. 
Aged 45: By some miracle he survived the machinations of Uldred during the Fifth Blight  He was pulled out of the Novices quarters where he had been battling possessed Templars and blood mages just before Gregor ordered the doors closed. It took David weeks to recover even after the Hero of Ferelden appeared and effectively saved them all. David does suffer nightmares as a result of this and has become far more watchful of his charges old and new. More so than other Templars and comes down hard on any Templar caught in a compromising position with a Mage. David doesnt hate mages but he sure as hell would never turn his back on one and he certainly doesnt trust them. Something which does not aid in good relations between Templars and Mages of Kinloch Hold. Neither does Aidan Cousland siding with the Templars and prepared to enact the rite of annulment, it was only Gregor that stopped it, but the tensions from that act from the Hero of Ferelden has also done little to ease the tensions in the circle. Neither has the news that Anders was joined to the Wardens and therefore under the protection of the Wardens and out of thier reach. Another reason for the Templars to not trust the Wardens and David does not trust the Grey Warden Order one little bit. 
Aged 47: Promoted to Knight Lieutenant
Aged 50: Still serving at Kinloch Hold and is about to meet his daughter for the first time. 

It can be assumed that someone in the Chantry knew of Davids indiscretion and knew of his daughter being in the Denerim Orphanage and, for reasons unknown did not inform the Revered Mother of Denerims Orphanage that Alessandra had Grandparents to take her in or a father in the Order.

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