Adia "Scarlett" Knocke


Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Adia "Scarlett" Knocke
Character's Nickname(s): Scarlett

Race: Human
Birth date: 7th Kingsway, 9.14
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Denerim
Height: 5' 3"
Build: Lean
Marital status: Single
Class: Rogue
Specialization: None
Occupation(s): Criminal (cutthroat)
Companion(s): None

Hair: Light brown, shaved at the sides with a tousled curl mohawk which ends at the nape of her neck.

Eyes: Blue

Other: Scarlett has piercings in her bottom lip, upper lip and septum.

Weapons: Two steel (Tier 3) daggers

Usual Garments/Armor: To ensure that she passes beneath the gaze of the City Guards, Scarlett's clothes are usually plain and simple, made from whichever cloth material was the cheapest. She does wear some pieces of leather armour beneath her clothes such as arm bracers and chest guard but these offer minimal protection at best.

Inventory: Coin, whetstone, a token which proves her association to a particular crime lord


In-Game Skills: Coercion, Improved Coercion, Expert Coercion, Stealing, Herbalism, Poison-Making, Combat Training, Improved Combat Training

Combat Talents/Spells:

Passive: Combat Movement, Coup de Grace
Sustained: Stealth, Dual-Striking, Momentum
Active: Dirty Fighting, Below the Belt, Dual-Weapon Sweep, Flurry, Riposte


Cutthroat by job; cutthroat by nature. Scarlett possesses a strong streak of superiority, bolstered by the reality that she is virtually untouchable. Her personality can shift on a whim depending on what is required in an exchange, but her natural preference is to be blunt and matter of fact. She has precious little patience for those she considers fools, and will just as easily revert to violence as she will words.

Her memory is long and all grudges are harboured. She has no time for anyone who has not proven themselves directly in her presence. Having experienced the mercenary nature of the streets,  Scarlett maintains a constant eye on circumstances, always judging when best to shift allegiances. Her loyalty is only to what arrangements best benefit herself. 


Born and bred in Denerim, Scarlett was born into a family for whom poverty was an aspiration. She spent much of her childhood hungry and cold, running the streets with other children who lived in the same impoverished area. All of them were easy targets for the criminal gangs. When she was eight, she was recruited into a pickpocketing gang, but showed little talent for this particular criminal activity. However, having scrapped and fought with other children her whole life, she was accustomed to physical altercation and seemed to take satisfaction in besting her opponents. One of the gang members took her under their wing and trained her to use daggers. She also gained further skills through the day-to-day activities of the gang, earning a reputation for being the one who helped to fix problems, namely if anyone tried to apprehend any of the pickpockets. Hence Scarlett developed her coercion abilities as well as her ease with a blade.

The Fifth Blight occurred when Scarlett was sixteen. She survived solely through street-smarts and a lot of luck. Afterwards, in the subsequent vacuum of power in the criminal underworld of Denerim, Scarlett seized her chance to gain more influence. She made herself invaluable to the few significant crime lords who did still operate in the city and was accepted into one gang in particular. Over the last few years, Scarlett has proven herself as invaluable, sourcing profitable opportunities for the gang as well as ridding them of particular problems.

Scarlett gained her name through her preference for spilling blood. She is known for slitting throats of those who serve no further use to her and so the name has stuck. Since she has no use for her given one, she has adopted this name as her one and only, responding to no other.


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