Acacius Vito Orson Sartorius

Acacius Vito Orson Sartorius

Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Acacius Vito Orson Sartorius
Character's Nickname(s): Avos

Race: Human
Birth date: 30th Haring, 9.12
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Minrathous, Tevinter Imperium
Height: 5' 7"
Build: Lean
Marital status: Single
Class: Mage
Specialization: Primal
Occupation(s): Grey Warden
Companion(s): None

Hair: Red hair, often tousled by a natural wave. In his more poetic moments, Acacius likes to think of his hair as resembling the flickering flames he can summon so easily.

Eyes: Hazel

Other: Ample freckles across his nose and cheeks

Weapons: Dragonbone (Tier 7) staff, enchanted with a Journeyman Flame rune

Usual Garments/Armor: Grey Warden mage robes 

Inventory: Scrap of vellum and charcoal, coin, vial of lyrium

Basic Skill(s): Basic healing, basic cooking

Trade Skill(s): Negotiation, translation, record-keeping

Languages: Tevene (literate and fluent), Common (literate and fluent)

In-Game Skill(s): Coercion, Improved Coercion, Expert Coercion, Poison-Making, Improved Poison-Making, Combat Tactics, Combat Training, Herbalism

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Flaming Weapons
Passive Abilities: None
Activated Abilities: Flame Blast, Fireball, Inferno, Vulnerability Hex, Mind Blast, Disorient

Quick-witted, Acacius indulges his tongue often, often using five words when just one will do. He is perpetually good-natured and full of cheer, never seemingly overwhelmed by circumstances. This is all a part of his carefully constructed demeanour, honed over many years to shield against both constant bullying and repeated expressions of disappointment from his father.

Nevertheless, there is a flicker of untamed fire within him. When on the defensive, he is capable of using his words as a finely sharpened blade, slicing through the arguments of those who oppose him. He can be a sore loser and will often hold a grudge if, for whatever reason, he has been bested in his arguments.


Acacius is the fifth child of the Sartorius family. As an Altus, his father holds a seat in the Magisterium, one of the two Houses which form the Imperial Senate. This was a position which was inherited under questionable means but which his father has rigorously, and often imaginatively, defended from various attempts to seize power. This is, in part, helped by the undeniable talent in Acacius' older siblings. The Sartorius family are a powerful family, be that as allies or enemies.

Acacius' lack of talent is easily explained: he is the product of a hasty political liaison. This was a deliberate politicking decision by his father who decided to sire a child with a senator from the Publicanium and use said child to ensure her compliance on a number of voting issues. It was fortunate that Acacius' magic did manifest since it was only that which convinced his father to accept him formerly into his House. Otherwise, Acacius has no doubt that he, similarly to his biological mother, would have been cast from the Magister's thoughts once his use was at an end.

Yet, with the manifestation of his magic at six, Acacius was formerly accepted into the social circles befitting the child of an Altus. He attended the Circle of Magi in Minrathous purely on his familial connections rather than magical skill. He showed a preference for primal magic, though only fire. However, due to the bullying he received over the course of his studies, Acacius also learned two basic Entrophy spells and a basic Spirit spell to discourage others from picking on him. Furthermore, he developed his crafting skills so that he could create reasonably effective poisons and, from sheer necessity, basic healing potions. It was during this time that Acacius began to understand the power of rhetoric, noticing how the ability to confound and confuse through only words could be as devastating as even the most advanced spell. This was a whole other type of magic, indeed.

Acacius set to studying the power of words with far more flair than he had ever approached his magic. During his time in the Circle, he benefited from daily experience of which parts of persuasive speech did and did not work against his peers, who often viewed him as an easy target. By the time he was eighteen, he was capable of holding his own against even some of his father's rivals from the Magisterium, demonstrating an uncanny talent for pitching his persuasion precisely at the greatest weakness of his detractors. 

However, knowing that he would never succeed in the magister-orientated world of the Imperium, Acacius agreed with his father - using those honed persuasion techniques - that he should be permitted to travel Thedas. This came as something of a relief to the family as a whole, granting them a reprieve from the embarrassment that was this less than powerful son. As simply as that, he boarded a ship and set sail for whichever port came first. So it was that Acacius arrived in the Free Marchs just after the ending of the Fifth Blight, just one more face amongst the many refugees from Ferelden.

Life in the Free Marches was a delightful shock to Acacius. Never had he considered that he would be looked upon as a threat. And all for the sake of a little flame flickering his palm? His naivety soon led the Templars to him. Were it not for a timely meeting with a Marcher Grey Warden, it is very possible that Acacius might have spent the remainder of his life imprisoned, most likely in the Gallows. As it was, he was successfully Joined and henceforth protected from the White Divine's curiously zealous hunters.

He lived peaceably enough amongst the Marcher Grey Wardens for a few months, learning the basics of combat which he was told was now a necessary part of his life. He found the experience to be dull though and soon found himself itching to explore elsewhere. It was around this time that the full aftermath of the Blight upon the country of Ferelden was becoming more widely-known, in particular the tensions between the Grey Wardens and the Fereldan nobility. This sounded like an excellent opportunity to reignite his love of language and word play for the benefit of the Order. Acacius made his petition and it was, naturally, accepted: he travelled to Ferelden in early 9.34.

For the last year, Acacius has served the Order mainly from the Denerim compound, acting as an intermediator between the higher titled nobles and the Fereldan Order of the Grey. He regards much of his current circumstances as a jest. Having settled in Ferelden due to - by Tevene standards - his significant lack of magical prowess, it amuses him greatly that he is regarded as dangerous just because he can conjure a flame. Who wouldn't spend their days entertained by such silly notions?

What entertains him more is the endearing ways in which Fereldans believe themselves to be nuanced. Having come from the perilous social circles of the Imperium, Acacius has an astute understanding of politics. Even as an outsider, he is capable of seeing through many of the supposedly ingenious ruses crafted by most Fereldan nobility and their funny little Chantry, providing a defence against attempts to infiltrate the Order of the Grey. He does this purely for his own entertainment, feeling in no way bound to the Order.

Given the clumsy Fereldan tongue, Acacius has shortened his name to 'Avos': the first letter of each of his names. It's still usually butchered, but less so than his given name. It's just one more detail which endears the barely elevated dog lords to Acacius.


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