Alessandra Howard

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Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Alessandra Vanessa St.John
Character's Nickname(s): Aly, Lessa
Race: Human
Birth date: 9th Guardian 9:09 Dragon
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Dragons Peak, raised in Denerim. 
Height: 5'10
Build: Athletic
Marital status: Single
Class: Warrior
Specialization: N/A
Occupation(s): Grey Warden
Companion(s): none


Hair: Lessa has dark raven black hair with a natural grey streak on her fringe that fall either side of her face, her hair is shoulder length and sits nicely just atop her shoulders.
Eyes: Her eyes are a dark Hazel in colour. 

Other: she has a scar on her left arm from when she was a child and a scar on her right side from a Darkspawn blade. Alesandra is a strikingly beautiful young woman with the most beautiful shade of hazel eyes. Her raven black hair sits to her shoulders and a natural grey streak either side of her face. She has a honed athletic build and a pleasant disposition. She is a tenacious fighter and has everyone's back that she is fighting with. A Steely determination that proves she can adapt to any situation.

Weapons: Steel Longsword and medium sized steel shield. 

Usual Garments/Armor: Originally she wore the armour of a Denerim City Guard mostly leather armour now she wears the light armour of a Grey Warden. Casually she wears common clothes and is typically dressed in a masculine form of common clothing although she is far from masculine and wear boots more often then not. 

Inventory: Lessa has a phial of blood given to her at her joining that she wears around her neck and also a necklace with a faded teardrop made from obsidian. 


Basic Skill(s): Lessa can read and Write being taught in the Chantry Orphanage in Denerim, She can draw, a hobby she picked up while she was younger and can carry a tune. 
Trade Skill(s): none
Languages: Lessa can speak Common and Read and Write Common after she was taught in the orphanage in Denerim, she cannot read or write or speak any other language in Thedas
In-Game Skill(s): Combat Training, Improved Combat Training, Expert Combat Training. combat Tactics, Improved Combat Tactics,  Survival, Herbalism. Trap Making
Combat Talents/Spells: Sustained Abilities:   Precise Striking, Shield Defence, Shield Cover,  Shield Wall, Threaten
                                       Passive Abilities:      Powerful, Bravery, Shield Block, Shield Balance, Shield Tactics, Shield Expertise.
                                       Activated Abilities:   Taunt, Disengage, Shield Bash, Shield Pommel. Overpower


Alessandra is a friendly enough young woman, She has a deep faith in Andraste and the Maker but does not judge those who do not, it is a personal thing for her. She is usually the first to head into a fight and the first to get to the bar afterwards. She knows more dirty jokes then a Sailor and can probably cuss better than them too. 
She lost her naivety about life when she was a teenager and came to the conclusion that nothing in this world is given to you on a plate. She is protective of her friends, once you have her trust you have a true friend, betray her trust and the Maker himself cant save you. lessa is no big fan of going into the Deep Roads but will do so if ordered to. She is not blind to the Wardens reputation and wonders why on earth anyone would willingly be joined to a group like theirs, but that aside she is loyal to the Order and it has become her home and her family. 


All Alessandria knows is that she was born in Dragons Peak, anything after that is a mystery to her. She was brought to the Denerim Orphanage by a Trader when she was still a baby in the Peaks, cared for by the Trader and his wife until they reached Denerim, all the Trader would say is she was found in a run down hovel which led the sisters to believe she was the daughter of a prostitute abandoned by her mother, or a young woman unable to care for the child and unable or unwilling to raise her, whatever the truth of the matter all Alessandra had known was the security of the orphanage and the protection of the sisters and brothers. 

She was a quiet child to begin with but as she grew up the sisters noticed that she had a mischievous streak, she wasn't a bad child but she did like mischief and this, on occasion would get her knuckles wrapped, although more often then not her smile was enough to melt the Revered Mothers heart so her knuckles were not always red.  Lessa was close to Sister Vanessa Howard and Brother Bernard Farnham, it was Vanessa who encouraged her love of art and Bernard who taught her to read and write. He also noticed her taking an interest in the swordplay of the Templars when they came to choose prospective candidates for the Order. Brother Bernard was a former Templar, and, along with some other children, he would teach them swordplay with wooden swords and noticed how Alessandra seemed to enjoy the sparring lessons. She was ear marked to join the Templars as Bernard thought she might benefit from the discipline of the order but Lessa did not want to join the order. She also didn't want to become a Chantry sister, but when she sat outside watching the hustle and bustle of the Denerim streets she watched a Guard take down a thief and decided that was what she wanted to do.  She wanted to be a part of the life of the city that had been her home since she was a child. 

If Lessa ever wondered about her own parents she never asked, all she had known was the orphanage and the people in it, so she felt that the way to thank those that had raised her was to work here. When Alessandra left the Orphanage when she was 18, sister Vanessa and Brother Bernard helped her apply to the Denerim Guard. The Sargeant of the Guard, a woman by the name of Andrea Schultz, a Nevarran woman became her mentor and friend and Lessa learnt much from the Stern faced Sergeant. Lessa remained with the Guard until she was nearly 20 and then the Blight hit. Both her and Andrea and thier squad signed up and marched down to Ostagar with the Kings Army.  Andrea kept her people with her, they had served with her in Denerim hunting down the scum that a city like Denerim had to offer, and now they were doing something for thier people, or in Andrea's case, adopted people. 

Andrea made sure they all remembered thier lessons and thier training. She told them that Darkspawn were never to be underestimated. they did not fight like a normal army unit and under no circumstances were they to be captured by them or get any of thier blood inside them, Lessa asked her how she knew and she told them her brother was a Nevarran Grey Warden. She would drill them and train them all the time they were at Ostagar, Andrea would also volunteer her squad for scouting missions, so that they knew what to look for and what to avoid. It was because of Andrea that Lessa became a better warrior. When the Darkspawn finally attacked and the battle of Ostagar began, Lessa tried to stay with her unit, but as was the way with such big battles it didn't remain that way. Lessa lost track of time and found herself using everything Brother Bernard and Andrea had taught her, but no amount of scouting missions or training could prepare her for how monstrous these things were and how vicious. Then when the news that the King and the Grey Wardens were dead she was pulled back by her friend Silas telling her it was hopeless it was over, and all they could do was run, Lessa went looking for Andrea, telling Silas if he wanted to go then go. Still fighting the two of them found the rest of their colleagues, dead and Andrea? the last the two of them saw of her she was being dragged back underground, her screams would haunt Lessa's dreams for months after and a guilt that she could not get to her friend in time.

With a rag tag group of survivors they made thier way back to the capital, ironically resting at Dragons Peak for a day or two healed of thier injuries by the Chantry before moving onto their home city, and, after recuperation returned to thier duties, but things were changing in Denerim in the wake of the Ostagar slaughter, there was a new commander of the guard and he had the men from Arl Howes forces and they did not do everything by the book. Of course Lessa knew there were guards that were on the take, it was the same in any city and anyone who tried to clean it up ended up failing or being on the end of a sword in a back alley somewhere. With rumours flying about the true reasons behind the death of the King and Loghain sitting on the throne as the Regent, life in the Denerim Guard became ugly. Still Lessa served as best she could under the cruel and power hungry Arl Howe and his sycophants. She made sure however, to keep her thoughts and her mouth shut. it was about this time that Lessa met and fell in love with Craig Danvers, a prison guard and the two were often seen in a tavern together talking and laughing, and eventually, as relationships are want to do they became closer and would remain together until the Battle of Denerim. With the Landsmeet causing upheaval and then settling down, the course was set and the call to arms went out once more. 

When the Darkspawn attacked Denerim Lessa was in the market district once again fighting the creatures that had killed her friends and taken her best friend. She watched in horror as the orphanage was overwhelmed and anyone inside were either burnt to death or killed by the Darkspawn. With a group of others she made her way to the Prison and fought the remaining battle there. With the death of the archdemon she was to learn that Craig had died in the initial battle of the prison. She remained in Denerim to help rebuild and send those she had cared for on thier way to the maker. She attended Brother Bernard's Funeral and went to see Sister Vanessa in the chantry, healing from her horrific burns. Lessa was promoted to Sargeant for her actions and continued to serve the people of Denerim. it was a year later when she was escorting a noble to Amaranthine that they were attacked by a small group of Darkspawn. Lessa fought hard but was struck down by a Darkspawns sword and it was only the intervention of the Vigils Keeps wardens that saved her, she was taken to the Vigil, the taint already starting to work it's way through her body and joined to the order. When she awoke a few hours later her life would never be the same again. 

Lessa has never been one for hero worship, and thus she really does not see the Hero of Ferelden as anything more than a man who was in the right place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time. She is grateful to the Wardens for saving her life, but at the same time is unsure about the "foul magic" that now inhabits her body, if she ever had dreams of a family life, that went out the window when she became a Warden, so all she can do is make the best of her lot and deal with it. She is aware that the wardens have secrets, for starters drinking Darkspawn blood is not something you want the world to know, nor do you want them to know that you will probably only live for twenty maybe twenty five years at a push. Lessa may not like being in the Deep Roads as she finds it a little claustrophobic, ok when your walking through, not ok when you are fighting a pitched battle, as for what she really wants, perhapes answers to who she was, where she came from, hearing some of her fellow wardens talk about thier families has ignited a small wish to find out more about who her parents were, however she is a pragmatist and the chances are she will never find out but, its nice to dream on occasion. All she can do is be the best Warden she can be, make sure the order lives up to its lofty reputation and do right by the people that saved her life. 

Lessa has recently learnt how Darkspawn are created, a conversation with a warden mage made her wince a little and it dawned on her that that might have been the fate of her best friend, if it was that fate, then she is willing to go down there and seek her out, end her hellish existence, if they didn't kill and eat her first. Right now she is keen to kill all the Darkspawn and not have everyone in Thedas forget that the Wardens were betrayed, Aedan and his companions heroics aside, the order might be a secretive one with more dark corners than a Deep Roads tunnel, but it is her order and she is happy to bring the skill of the Wardens by reason or by sword whichever is handy at the time. If she hunts Darkspawn or hunts the vermin that plague the roads and woods and forests then she'll deal with them too, after all you cant be hunting darkspawn all the time if you are on the surface and if it gives her a sense of purpose for however long she is on this world, then so be it. 


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