Smugglers, Privateers, and Pirates, Oh My!

Looking for some slightly shady RP? If morally ambiguous is your game, toss your compass out and consider one of these exciting roles!

Character Name: Smugglers (names up to player)
Role/Relationship: Part of a network ostensibly ruled by Micah "Rough Dog" Soames
Description: Any number of people who want to be a part of this smuggling ring for whatever IC reason compels them. Background and details up to player.
Contact: for more details!

Character Name: Privateers
Role/Relationship: The 'legit' front for Micah's smuggling and pirating ring.
Description: Could be legit privateer, could be a smuggler or pirate. Choice and background is up to the player. Characters choosing this role have the option of being one of the other two as well.

Character Name: Pirates!
Role/Relationship: Part of Micah's network of smugglers and pirates.
Description: They do not report directly to him, unless the player chooses to use privateer as a front for this role. Details of character up to player.
Contact: Yes, yes, contact

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