Callum Stephen Kennedy

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Basic Information

Character's Full Name: Callum Stephen Kenney

Character's Nickname(s):Cal, Red

Race: Human

Birth date: 9th August 9:10 Dragon

Gender: Male

Birthplace: West Hill Coastlands but raised in Amarnthine.

Height: 6'3
Build: Athletic
Marital status:Single
Class: Warrior
Specialization: none

Occupation(s): Merchant, exporter and importer of Fine Wines, Spirits and ales.

Companion(s):Pure chestnut stallion named Artos. 


Hair: Callum has Red that reaches down to his shoulders and when he is working he wears it in a top knot.

Eyes: Dark Green

Other: As a red head Callum is a naturally pale skinned man, when he does get sunburnt he goes red tans for a bit then fades back to pale. He also has a scar over his right eye and one down his left arm that he got fighting Darkspawn in the Battle of Denerim

Weapons: He trained with a Steel Two Handed Great-Sword

Usual Garments/Armor: Callum wears common clothes that are of a higher quality, He has three or four well tailored suits when it comes to business meetings, other than that he is in common clothes that allow him to work in. He also has a suit of Splint Mail armour, not the best quality but well kept if a little battered.

Inventory: Callum carries a couple rolls of Parchment, one to remind him of important appointments or jobs he has to do, and the other to remind him of deals made that need to have contracts drawn up. He wears a gold chain given to him by his grandmother and a rivaini token given to him by his brothers wife before he went to fight at Ostagar and he has kept as a good luck token, it is well worn and smooth on one side.


Basic Skill(s):Callum can cook, he was taught by his grandmother so that when he goes out into the world he can take care of himself, He can read and write and has numeracy skills

Trade Skill(s): Accounting, record keeping and salesmanship

Languages: common (native) he can read and Write Orleasian after lessons from an Orleasian Tutor, He is not fluent when speaking Orleasian and when he does speak it it is with a heavy Ferelden accent and he doesn't always translate the words well, so much so that he prefers to speak his native language and will only attempt to speak Orleasian if he really has to.

In-Game Skill(s): combat training,combat tactics, coercion improved Coercion,

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Indomitable, Threaten, Powerful Swings

Passive Abilities: Powerful, Bravery, Shattering Blow, Two handed strength

Activated Abilities: Pommel Strike, Sunder Arms, Mighty Blow


Callum has a quiet personality, he is not a show off nor a braggart but a quiet thoughtful man, there are those intimidated by his height but those who know him would call him a big teddy bear. Like all red heads he can have a temper, although it is long to bubble and when it does it is over in a flash, but it can be a frightening sight when it does finally explode. This is not to say that he will not fight when provoked enough, he can fight and he is a sight to behold when he does fight, but he would rather explore other avenues before it came to that inevitability.

Callum does on occasion suffer nightmares from his time fighting in Denerim during the battle of Denerim, when they do come upon him, they cause him to wake in a cold sweat shivering and shaking and, occasionally looking under his bed. Those who know him know of his nightmares, but those who don't wouldn't think there was anything wrong with him.


Callum was born in West Hill Coastland region and is the youngest of two sons, his brother Liam is older than him by five years. When Callum was a baby his mother, after years of suffering at the hands of her philandering husband took her sons and left, returning to her family home of Amaranthine. Moira took over her families Wine business, it was a small business at the time and had an adequate income, enough to pay for a tutor to teach her eldest son to read and write. When Callum was one, his mother met and fell in love with Wine Merchant Stephen Kennedy. After a whirlwind romance and approval from her mother and father, Moira married Stephen, unable to have children of his own Stephen raised both Liam and Callum and Callum has his stepfathers name as his middle name.

Over time Stephen helped Moira and her family build up thier merchant trade, using his own connections and those of his friends and family. Both Moira and Stephen put a lot of long hours into making the renamed Kennedy Importers and Exporters of Fine Wines, Spirit and Ales. They would also travel to meet with suppliers and broker trade deals, because of this sometimes Moira and Stephen were away for long periods and when this was the case Callum and Liam were looked after by thier grandmother and grandfather, however, both Moira and Stephen made it up to thier sons and would take them for day trips to Denerim and would arrange for a holiday to Rivain or Antiva to give both boys a taste of other cultures. Once or twice they would go to Orlais although neither boy much cared for Orlais, they understood it was important to thier parents and the future they were working so hard to build for them all.

Callum grew up close to his parents and his brother, he was the apple of his grandmothers eye, and it was under her insistence that both her grandsons were taught to book keep. Niahm would make her grandsons sit either side of her whilst she would keep the ledgers of the business and teach them how to keep the accounts straight, so that every coin was accounted for. She installed in her grandsons the practice of knowing where every coin went and how much went and where to. When Niham passed away when Callum was 13 she left him her gold chain, a simple chain given to her by her late husband, he has never taken it off.  By the time he was 16, his parents long hard work finally began to pay off. Liam had taken an interest in the wine side of things and had become quite the connoisseur, he had also fallen in love with an Antivan vineyard owners daughter. Not only did his parents approve the match and her parents but Callum was quite fond of Magdalene, she always had a kind word for him and would advise him on things that he dare not ask his over protective mother. The wedding was lavish and Callum was best man. Whilst his brother was on honeymoon Callum would go with Stephen on business trips and would enjoy these times with his father, he learnt how to look for the best deals, the best partnerships and Stephen taught him how to tell when someone was taking him for a fool. Stephen also taught Callum to play Wicked Grace and Diamondback as well as other card games, when Callum asked him why this was important, Stephen would say that you never knew when a mans weakness would show and usually a social gathering told more than a business meeting ever could.

When the buisness started to bring in more of a profit then a loss, Niahm arranged for her grandsons to learn to ride. Moira was amused by this but understood that her mother had big plans for them all to have a more dignified standing in society, they were not nobles by any long shot, but they could conduct themselves with professionalism and having her grandsons learn to ride would, in her opinion, elevate them thier status a little.

When Callum was 19 the Blight struck Ferelden, He had been taking lessons with the Great Sword training on occasions with his parents guards and becoming popular with them, he had already started to protect the warehouse that stored thier goods as part of his family duties and was taken to one side by the Captain of the guards and trained. His mother watched as her sons answered Calens call and marched to Ostagar with Arl Howe's men, although neither brother took part in the massacre of the Cousland family, they rode to Ostagar with those men who did not go to Highever. Liam was separated from his brother during the battle and the two would find each other again in the Wilde's, more by accident then design. helping each other they avoided Lothering and headed for Redcliffe where they could find someway to get a message to thier family to let them know then were alive. It was whilst they were in Redcliffe that they learnt what had happened to the Couslands and the rumors surrounding thier deaths. For the time being there was nowhere the brothers could go, if they started on the road to Amaranthine they would run into the Darkspawn horde and after the horrors of Ostagar neither brother wanted that. Liam told his brother to remove any and all markings from his armour that denoted him as one of Arl Howe's men, it didn't matter that they didn't take part in what happened to Tyern Cousland, all that mattered to some people was that they wore the colors of the man that had usurped Highever, guilt by association was as much a reason for thier heads to be taken as anything else. They remained in Redcliffe and even aided during the fight of the undead although the events of attacking monsters would unnerve both brothers for months. Eventually they marched with the Arls forces to Denerim and both brothers remained side by side as the armies of Ferelden fought to save thier homeland and both were fighting near Drakon Prison when they witnessed the death of the Archdemon. They remained to help rebuild then returned to Amaranthine.

When Callum and Liam returned to Amaranthine his mother made a huge fuss of them and his father gave Callum the gift of a horse one that was stabled in the city stables and paid for by Stephen and Moira. The nightmare was not over however, and when the mother and her creatures attacked Amaranthine, Stephen got his family out of Amaranthine, returning only when the Hero of Ferelden had defeated the creatures and Amaranthine was at peace once more. Callum helped rebuild not only his parents premises but the city too and became the doting uncle of twin girls Aimee and Moira. When Callum relocated to Denerim his mother gave him a stipend to allow him to keep his horse with him, but warned him that a horses upkeep was expensive and he would have to find a way to look after the animal himself. To aid him in this until he has the Denerim side of Business up and running properly and as successful as the Amaranthine side of the business he has taken the odd job of riding alongside other merchants to thier point of destination and has on send business his parents way, but mainly working these small jobs has allowed him to keep his horse in feed and stable fees, he knows if it gets too expensive then he will either have to sell his horse or return him to Amaranthine until such a time that he doesn't have to worry about such things, his parents have become wealthy but buying a small townhouse took a lot of thier savings for the year and he does not like to ask them for anything other than business advice.

There is a downside to life in Amaranthine, when the city was overwhelmed by the mothers bizarre and twisted creatures many died, and when Stephen and his family returned it was not to a warm welcome, as a result some of thier business dried up or was taken away and this impacted the family greatly, although they were grateful for the help rebuilding, Callum and his family are still in some quarters treated as cowards. It was during this time that Stephen's business in Orlais picked up although for a time he had to fight to get the best prices, and there was a time that they thought they would have to move to either Antiva or Orlais, thankfully it did not come to that, but some peoples memories are long and this will not make it completely easy going forward. It is bad enough Callum was raised in Amaranthine, its even worse that his stepfather did what he thought was right for his family.

Cal is not an innocent in the ways of women, on his 16th birthday his brother took him to a brothel and paid for him to spend the night with one of the girls there. He is however shy around the opposite sex. He can deal with businessmen and women just fine but when it comes to matters of a personal nature he is more reserved. Liam often jokes to his wife that nothing scares Callum more than a woman coming onto him, his wife usually sticks up for her brother in law saying he is just a bit more fussy then most men. That might be true, or indeed his brother might be correct but either way Callum has not settled down yet. He is close to his parents and his brother and sister in law, so when his father made the decision to expand thier business to Denerim it was no surprise that he chose Callum to oversee its establishment. Callum arrived at the town house his father had brought overlooking the Merchant District and has yet to begin the task set before him. He has been in Denerim for a couple of months now and is facing the future head on.

In the couple of months Callum has been in Denerim he first wandered around the city, taking note of who was who and using some of the contacts that his sister-in-law sent him to at least have something coming in. He has rented a small warehouse on the Denerim docks and rented a small berth in the docks although this comes from the family's business coffers he is aware that it is not a never ending well of finances. He shares the townhouse with his sister in laws younger brother who has come to help him set things up and to make sure that he is not conned by those who would see his family ties as a way of getting a less than gracious deal. Anton has warned Callum that there might be repercussions for what Stephen did for a while although he has said he is is sure that given the chance those that have tarred Stephen and Moira as cowards would have done the same thing if they could. Still both men are determined to make this work and have become good friends, although Anton has on occasions tried to convince Callum to join him at the Pearl for an evening, the younger man stays for drinks but returns home leaving Anton with the ladies or the men for the evening. His birthday gift from Liam was his one and only visit to a brothel and he intends to keep it that way, business drinks sure, any other "entertainment" thats Anton's business not his.

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