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12th Guardian, 9.35 - Go-Between (with Alistair, Vigil's Keep)
25th Drakonis, 9.35 - Children Say (with Callum & James, Amaranthine City)
30th Guardian, 9.35 - ...And Bumps into a Bann (with Felix, Terrell shop)
5th Bloomingtide, 9.35 - Find Your Voice (with Alistair, Vigil's Keep)

9th Guardian, 9.35 - Creepy Creeping Creepers (with Alistair, Vigil's Keep & Amaranthine tunnels)
4th Drakonis, 9.35 - Who Are You (with Lessa, between Denerim and Drakon's Peak)
Summersday, 9.35 - A Blooming Good Time (initially with Avos then Leliana; with Lessa, Denerim Palace)

Full OCs:

13th Guardian, 9.35 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place (with Velanna, Deep Roads) *takes place over 3-4 days
1st Drakonis, 9. 35 - Harvest Her! (with Velanna & Lessa, Deep Roads)
4th Drakonis, 9.35 - My Father's Shoes (with Lessa, Vigil's Keep then Kinloch Hold) *takes place over 8 days
15th Drakonis, 9.35 - Addicted to Being Right (with Velanna, Blackmarsh; Orric cameos)
18th Drakonis, 9.35 - Branching Out (with Velanna, Vigil's Keep) *takes place over 3 days)
21st Drakonis, 9.35 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind (with Velanna, main surface entrance to Orzammar)
23rd Drakonis, 9.35 - Digging for an Archdemon (with Velanna, Orzammar then across southern Ferelden) *takes place over many weeks
18th Cloudreach, 9.35 - In the Enemy Camp (with Daniel, the Deep Road tunnels beneath Vigil's Keep)
29th Cloudreach, 9.35 - Trails of Blood (with Callum, Daniel, Velanna; initially Vigil's Keep and then travels to Kinloch Hold) *takes place over 2.5 days
3rd - 17th Bloomingtide, 9.35 - Serving Time (with Velanna, Vigil's Keep dungeons [for the most part])

6th Guardian, 9.35 - Reporting for Duty (with Alistair, Vigil's Keep)
20th Guardian, 9.35 - A Curious Beginning (with Alistair & Ramsey, Vigil's Keep)
2nd Bloomingtide, 9.35 - Explain Yourself! (with Daniel, at an outpost within a day's travel of Vigil's Keep)


9th Cloudreach, 9.35 - Karma (with Callum, remote area of Amaranthine arling)
Summersday, 9.35 - A Blooming Good Time (initially with Avos then Leliana; with Lessa, Denerim Palace)


24th Solace, 9.29 - Just Business! (with Callum, Pilgrim's Path then Amaranthine City)
16th Bloomingtide, 9.35 - You Stole My Money (with Andrew, Amaranthine City)


Everett (Griffin's Eyrie, Denerim)
7th Guardian, 9.35 - Open to Trade (with Callum Kennedy, Griffin's Eyrie (morning) & Callum's house(evening))

Liarana (Crown & Lion, Amaranthine)
25th Guardian, 9.35 - A Seeker Walks into a Bar (with Felix Vasseur, rundown port tavern, Amaranthine)

Scarlett (Denerim)
23rd Drakonis, 9.35 - Going Through Changes (with Callum Kennedy, Denerim)

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