Asa Rowe

Asa Rowe

Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Asa Rowe
Character's Nickname(s): n/a

Race: Human
Birth date: 05 Guardian, 11 Dragon
Gender: Cis Female
Birthplace: A small farmstead in Amaranthine. Maybe.
Height: 5’5”
Build: Lean
Marital status: Single
Class: Mage
Specialization: Blood Mage
Occupation(s): Hunter, mostly of rare things
Companion(s): n/a

Hair: Glossy dark brown hair that hangs past her shoulders with blunt cut fringe across her forehead. Often worn pulled back.
Eyes: Deep brown. One is ever-so-slightly lazy, and doesn’t open as wide as the other.

Other: Asa has a gold-brown complexion and an aquiline nose that is just a smidge crooked. Her tight-lipped smile comes easily to her generous mouth, and she has been told more than once that she is pretty enough to be trouble.

Weapons: A crude mage’s staff she keeps in her home with the broom. It’s crafted of silverite, handed down from grandmother to granddaughter through the years, but is worn and no longer shiny. She also carries a steel, crescent-shaped knife for cutting weeds, herbs, and other plants. It also serves to cut herself if needed.

Usual Garments/Armor: A leather waistcoat she’s skinned from nugs caught in the wild herself, which gives it a light pink color. She also wears leather bracers on both arms, and trousers with tall boots. Her usual tunic is simple fabric, meant to be durable. She owns a simple blue dress of soft fabric for special occasions or just to look nice now and then.

Inventory: Poultices and tools for patching up minor injuries. Tools for slaughtering and draining pigs, boars, and nugs. Thirty feet of rope. Swaddling clothes for her daughter and a cradleboard. Coin.

Basic Skill(s): cooking, minor first aid, childcare

Trade Skill(s): bartering, housekeeping, slaughtering, tanning, leatherworking, sewing, nug husbandry

Languages: Common (fluent, passable literacy, rudimentary writing)

In-Game Skill(s): Improved Coercion (II), Improved Trap Making (II), Expert Survival (III), Herbalism (I)

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Blood Magic

Passive Abilities: n/a

Activated Abilities: Mind Blast, Force Field, Blood Sacrifice, Blood Wound, Blood Control

Asa has been called odd her entire life. It’s something she embraces because she knows no other way to be, having been raised so sheltered. The other farm kids never really invited her to play and the city kids steered clear of the girl who knew so much about butchering pigs and nugs. She likes silly jokes and has been known to tell bad ones. She’s fond of puns. She’d rather improve her reading than party and can tend towards being quiet. She is sweet and kind unless provoked to be otherwise.

Asa is a stress eater. She’ll bury her emotions in a loaf of bread and has a fondness for sweets. A good way to get her to talk is to distract her with confections. Farm work, hunting, blood magic, and nursing burns it off pretty easily.

Asa Rowe is not entirely certain her mother gave birth to her. She’s not sure her father is the man who supplied the seed. It doesn’t matter. Asa Rowe was raised by two loving people who helped her learn to use her magic and keep it a secret. Her father a pig and nug farmer, and her mother a blood mage, she learned how to use the blood of animals to fuel her magic at a young age. When she was about twelve, she learned how to use her own, as well. It hasn’t been without its errors, and more than one close call has been had over the years.

The Rowe family live on a small farm in a modest clearing in the woods of Amaranthine. Asa has never been afraid of hard work, toiling beside her father in their garden or slaughtering animals, or doing household work, including tanning, with her mother. Mostly self-sustaining, Asa’s family farm is small enough to stay out of notice of many, but big enough to manage trade for what they did not produce with neighboring farms outside of the woods and even occasionally the city.

Their lives have not always been calm. There are those who consider them odd, who find their hermited lifestyle suspicious, but the Rowes have always used the utmost caution to protect themselves. Asa was taught caution with her powers from as young as she can remember, having impressed upon her the dangers of her magic, especially her blood magic. As she grew, blood magic became so normalised that she never questioned it or her goodness as a person until her first trip to the city when she was thirteen summers. She saw a mage dragged through the city by templars, being accused of being a maleficar. Frightened, it was some time before she would go into the city again, and enough to still her tongue when it comes to magic of any kind.

Asa was fifteen before she knew her magic could hurt other people. A thief tried to rob her when traveling from market with her father. Making the mistake of trying to hold her a hostage, Asa overpowered him as soon as the first drops of blood sang from her veins. Her father killed him for their protection. Pigs will eat anything, and as such, the man’s body was never found.

The Rowes survived the Blight and civil war with vigilance and by aiding straggler soldiers through the woods. Thankfully they were spared trouble from darkspawn, and only had to fend off a few would-be looters. Asa and her mother proved useful, making more than one troublemaker leave them without incident. At least, not one they’d remember.

A couple of years after the Blight, Asa met an attractive and diminutive city guard from Amaranthine and fell hard. The romance was on-again-off-again, him not wanting to be penned in, and her not sure how to navigate relationships. But when it went off-again for the last time, Asa found herself with a souvenir. Ylsa was born several months after the last time she saw the man, and took her first steps a year later.

The relationship was enough to spark an interest in people more, and Asa has since harbored a desire to become more integrated. She moved to the city despite objections from her parents. She’s found work as a sourcer of rare or hard-to-find items, ranging from feathers to fennec bile. Social skills are still new, her baby is at times a hindrance, and blood magic always a danger, but she’s determined to try. She’s slowly learned to make friends, to trust others, if only a select few, and has become more confident as a young woman. She just wants a quiet, normal life, and is hoping she is canny enough to make it happen.

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