Fed up playing the hero? Weary of being the villain? Want to bring a common touch to your RP?

Then these are the "Looking For" characters you need in your life! While we encourage players to create plots which fit into our universe, we also appreciate that it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start. All of the Looking For suggestions below are required for various plots and will allow you to create either a full or NPC character. You will also be able to help shape and drive plots if you so choose, but you're also welcome to sit back and enjoy the ride!

What better way to get involved with Warden's Vigil than as a...

Character Name: City Guard(s) - Denerim & Amaranthine

In Denerim, there is always something criminal going on. Will it be an influx of pesky pickpockets or an assassination threat on an Arl? 
In Amaranthine, the smugglers definitely have a tighter grip on the city than the Guard. Are you the one who is going to help Bann Delilah change that?

Description: Up to player - always happy to bounce ideas!

Contact: The one and only (thank the Maker) 

Character Name: Criminal(s) - Denerim & Amaranthine


Smugglers! Thieves! Apostates! (Who let the Chantry in here?) Whether you're a criminal with a heart of gold or a criminal with a literal gold heart, are you just going to let all those oblivious marks walk around, peacefully living their lives? Be it Denerim or Amaranthine, there's a place at Warden's Vigil for your nefarious deeds.

Description: Up to player - always happy to bounce ideas!

Contact: Still the one and only (thank the Maker)

Character Name:
 Merchant(s) - Denerim, Amaranthine, travelling


Working hard or hardly working? If you're one of those people who likes to sprinkle in a little work to their downtime, then why not become the backbone of Ferelden economy! No matter what trade you want to do (or how reputably you want to do it), you're going to find a ready and waiting clientele! What are you waiting for? Those piles of gold aren't going to earn themselves. 

Description: Up to player - always happy to bounce ideas!

Contact: Definitely the one and only (thank the Maker)

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