Liarana Alerion

Liarana Alerion

Basic Information
NPC Full Name: Liarana Alerion

NPC’s Nickname(s): Lia, Ana

Race: Elf

Age: 20 (3rd Kingsway, 9.14)

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Amaranthine Alienage, Ferelden

Height: 5' 1"

Build: Lean

Marital status: Single

Class: Citizen

Occupation(s): Barmaid at "The Crown & Lion", Amaranthine


Hair: Tousled blonde hair which is roughly shorn at home to keep the length no longer than her jaw line

Eyes: Green

Other: None

Weapons: None

Usual Garments/Armor: Liarana wears second-hand clothes, all of which are plain and drab colours. Each article of clothing has been tailored to a perfect fit, although there is no small number of painstakingly made repairs to all of them

Inventory: Sewing kit, a few coppers of coin

Liarana is a skilled seamstress, often called upon by others in the Alienage to alter and mend what few clothes they own. She is also a competent pickpocket, though she strives not to resort to this habit unless utterly desperate. She has an excellent memory which she puts to good use for both remembering previous marks and remembering information gleaned in the "Crown & Lion". She is totally illiterate. 

The youngest of three daughters, Liarana possess a carefree nature. Within the safety of the Alienage, she is full of mischief and fun, refusing to be worn down by the hardships which exist there. She celebrates the community in which she was raised and readily offers guidance to younger members of the Alienage, providing a bridge between them and the elders.

However, beyond the walls of the Alienage, she understands that prejudice and outright hatred run rampant. She is careful never to draw excessive attention to herself and subdues her natural frivolity unless amongst those rare few whom she trusts implicitly. Although she does not actively engage in subversive civil disobedience, neither will she turn a blind eye if she can help a fellow city elf in some small way. 

She understands her role within shem society and adapts to how they perceive she should be. Therefore, she can readily talk with a customer who speaks with kindness, and dutifully quake and tremble with another who insults her. 

Current History
Brought up in the Amaranthine Alienage, Liarana is doubtful that her surname accurately reflects which Dalish clan she might be descended from. Certainly, the last four generations of her family have lived and died in the Alienage. Liarana fully intends to be part of the fifth generation to do so.

While life in an Alienage is never easy, Liarana was fortunate to be born into a loving family, who cared as best they were able for their three daughters. Her father was an excellent tailor and taught all three of his daughters the skills. Despite her otherwise energetic nature, Liarana was the one who showed most promise, and she began to help her father with his work when she was around eight or nine.

When Liarana was sixteen, the Fifth Blight occurred. The Alienage suffered even more than most in the arling (though not so terribly as in Denerim). Many families lost members. For Liarana, it was her mother and middle sister, both succumbing to illness. In the aftermath, circumstances improved somewhat, only to be dashed in 9.31 when the darkspawn attacked the arling. Much of the Alienage burned, along with the city itself, and many more city elves died. Fortunately, both her father and eldest sister survived, though her father's lungs were badly affected by the smoke. 

Driven to desperation, Liarana ventured beyond the Alienage, trying to find some way of supporting her family. Her sister, now betrothed, cared for their ailing father. Yet even if Liarana could have found suitable marks, supplies were notoriously hard to come by for shems, let alone elves. The smuggler ring which had always caused trouble throughout the city was growing stronger and it was impossible to pick a living without drawing their attention.

Liarana was apprehended by a low ranking member of the smugglers. However, the shem woman had an offer for Liarana: play spy. With the numerous restorations in Amaranthine, it was worth their time to invest in 'flat ears' to ensure a city-wide network of informants. As such, Liarana could secure work in the "Crown & Lion" and her wage to be paid in food. With little other option, she negotiated for some basic healing supplies in addition to the food. The woman snorted and agreed, amused by the idea that an elf would have the moxy to negotiate.

For the last few years, Liarana has upheld her side of the bargain: she is an informant to the smugglers, reporting whatever snippets she overhears during her shifts in the "Crown & Lion". The owner has no idea and hired her until the pretence that she had worked in another of the city's taverns prior to the destruction of 9.31. However, for Liarana, the fact that her father, sister and extended family do not have to worry about their next meal is reason enough to maintain this charade. 

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