Albert Terrell

Character Name: Albert Terrell

Role/Relationship: Travelling merchant, specialising in locating rare and unusual items. Husband to Delilah Howe (Bann of Amaranthine City), father to James and Abigail. Lots of immediate plots to play out with Delilah; potential plots would include the Merchant's Guild and other Amaranthine-based situations

Description: Appearance and majority of Personality/History can be decided by player. However, the following details need to be incorporated to fit with Delilah's History:

  • born around 9.01-9.03
  • local to Amaranthine since early-mid 9.20s (not necessarily born and bred)
  • personable, friendly, possibly flirtatious (but no infidelity)

I have a few ideas about Albert. I think the fact that he struck up conversations with Delilah, even knowing who her father was, has lots of potential ideas for his Personality. I also like the idea of him using his travelling business to be something of a subversive resistance against the tyranny of Rendon Howe, which would also help to explain why he's supportive of Delilah becoming Bann in 9.32.

Although I have these ideas, I'm also excited to collaborate with a player on how they would want to shape the character as their own!

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