Delilah Howe Terrell

Delilah Howe Terrell

Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Delilah Howe Terrell
Character's Nickname(s): None

Race: Human
Birth date: 26th Solace, 9.04
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine, Ferelden
Height: 5’ 6”
Build: Average
Marital status: Married
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Duelist
Occupation(s): Bann of Amaranthine City
Companion(s): None

Hair: Straight black hair which falls to her shoulders; she will usually pin the front of it out of her face with a small braid. She will decorate her hair with bright ribbons and paste jewellery if time permits. Occasionally she will style her hair in a more ornate manner which hints at her noble upbringing, particularly if her husband wishes to impress new clients.

Eyes: Grey

Other: Delilah posses the recognisable ‘Howe’ nose although it is not so prominent as it was in her father and brothers.

Weapons: Although trained as a duelist, Delilah does not arm herself with swords. She keeps two small daggers within easy reach upon her person, but neither are the quality or dimensions of the weapons she trained with.

Usual Garments/Armor: Commoner clothes; she wears nothing which would be considered unusual for the wife of a merchant. She does, however, strive to wear as colourful clothes as both dye and coin permits.

Inventory: As shopkeeper for her husband’s trading business and mother to a boisterous young son, Delilah often has items relating to both roles. She will often have a small cannister which contains a scroll of vellum upon which she keeps reference to any verbally agreed business deals. In a small pouch upon her belt, she has a little wooden soldier for James; it is well-loved and marked by teeth.

Basic Skill(s): Cooking, basic healing, reading and writing and numeracy, sewing

Trade Skill(s): Bartering, account and record keeping

Languages: Common (native); Orlesian (literate and fluent)

In-Game Skill(s): Combat Training, Improved Combat Training, ; Combat Tactics, Improved Combat Tactics, Expert Combat Tactics ; Coercion, Improved Coercion ; Herbalism

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Duelling, Stealth, Stealthy Item Use, Combat Stealth

Passive Abilities: Keen Defence, Deft Hands, Combat Movement, Coup de Grace

Activated Abilities: Upset Balance, Pinpoint Strike, Dirty Fighting, Below the Belt, Deadly Strike

The mild-mannered middle child of Rendon Howe, not to mention his only daughter, Delilah has perfected the ability to take note of things without ever being noticed. She has neither the brooding nature of her older brother, Nathaniel, who died at the hands of Aedan Cousland, nor the wastrel attitude of their younger brother, Thomas, who died in a drunken bar brawl during the Blight.

Delilah has no misconceptions over the actions of her father during the Blight. She views Rendon Howe as the sole culprit for the fall into disgrace of their family, and will broker no attempts to suggest otherwise. As she reminds those who are foolish enough to question her: they were not there, she was. As such, Delilah cherishes her married name for the anonymity it bestows upon her, even if it cannot obscure the telltale nose, as well as the man to whom it connects her.

Whilst there is no love lost for her father, Delilah regrets the loss of her brothers. Although she is practical in assessing to what extent she could have intervened, Delilah does feel guilt over how Nathaniel was essentially abandoned and how Thomas grew into the kind of man he did. Consequently, for her own children, Delilah insists that they must always remember that every member of the family is responsible for holding one another accountable for their actions.

Delilah knows both the life of a noble and a commoner. What matters most, however, are the bonds which tie people to one another. She will always strive to keep her family, blood and otherwise, close and cared for; yet she is determined that Rendon Howe be banished to the annals of history as the villain he deserves to be remembered. Mild-mannered as she may be, there is a tenacity within the woman which is entirely Howe. It has not guaranteed her victories over the years, but it has shaped her nonetheless.

Born into the Howe family in 9.04, Delilah was often dismissed by her father for her older brother, Nathaniel, who was heir to the arling of Amaranthine, or her younger brother, Thomas, who was heir to their father’s favour. Given that Rendon Howe viewed his children merely as means to various ends, this was not necessarily something which Delilah resented. Her mother, Eliane, strove to sculpt Delilah into the perfect Arl’s daughter, but seemed to take little interest in her otherwise.

Whilst his wife handled the frivolities of noble life, Rendon insisted that Delilah learn martial fighting. Loathe to emulate her father’s skill with twin blades, yet unable to demonstrate the skill with a bow which her elder brother possessed, Delilah settled for the training of a duelist. She committed fully to the lessons which her father arranged on her behalf throughout her childhood and early adolescence, enjoying the light and precise method of fighting, an unconscious riposte to her father’s underhand attempts to wage war against family and friend. So much so, Delilah excelled in her training as far as Rendon would permit. Her full training and tactics were curbed by his insistence that Delilah not be permitted to develop an overly impressive skillset. Even so, she felt confident that she could hold her own against a number of opponents if the time should ever come.

Without any meaningful involvement of her parents within her life, Delilah did not develop the same hero-worship of her ancestry as Nathaniel, nor the sycophantic tendencies of Thomas. In fact, it was Rendon’s favouritism of Thomas which led Delilah to form a closer bond with Nathaniel, seeing how their father’s casual disdain pained him. Even though Nathaniel coveted time with his father, Delilah cherished these times spent with her brother, becoming close with him in spite of their differences in opinion when it came to their family pride.

Therefore, when Nathaniel was sent away to Ser Rodolphe Varley in the Free Marches in his early twenties, Delilah did not know whether to celebrate or curse it. Now without an ally within the ancient seat of their family, Delilah fully embraced the role of young noblewoman, arranging visits with the few noble families throughout Ferelden who would tolerate an association with the Howe family. Her father's abrasive reputation was already prevalent. One family she avoided, however, was that of the Couslands, intent that she would never be wed to the insufferable youngest one.

Dresses, dances and dalliances could not obscure the loneliness which Delilah experienced throughout these years. It meant that she learned to appreciate companionship in the unlikeliest of places. She would exchange letters with as many other young noblewomen as she could, but the friendships were often built upon the sharing of scandalous gossip. By contrast, during the periods in which she resided in Vigil’s Keep, she met and befriended one of the local merchants, a man named Albert Terrell, who often visited to barter his goods. He was as far removed from the world of a bored young noblewoman as Delilah could imagine. More than that though, she found his company to be full of genuine moments of laughter and enjoyment, hinting at the possibility of a fulfilling friendship. A relationship could never fully develop under the reign of her father, but it was the thought of Albert which ensured that Delilah would always return home no matter how often she escaped elsewhere.

However, with the news of her mother’s increasingly frail health in the latter half of the decade, Delilah returned to Vigil’s Keep permanently. Caring for Eliane during her final illness, Delilah at last heard the full extent of the cruelty and hatred with which Rendon had treated the woman. She vowed that she would never suffer the same in her own marriage, but also very much regretted that she had so readily turned her back upon her mother. 

The death of her mother prior to the Blight was a small blessing considering what came next. When news of what had occurred in Highever reached her ears in Vigil’s Keep, Delilah recognised the lies of her father in the tale and knew that Rendon Howe was responsible for every last death within Castle Cousland. She was powerless to act, her brother Thomas now utterly lost to the cause of their father, so she focused instead upon doing her best for the citizens of Amaranthine. Her inability to act against her father, or save her brother from himself, is another fierce regret within Delilah, and it has led to a need for self-sufficiency within her. Never again will she be forced into the role of unwilling yet powerless bystander.

The death of her father came as a relief to Delilah. The death of her brother, Thomas, did not. Of Nathaniel, she had no knowledge, though she did attempt to reach him through messages sent to Ser Rodolphe. She would eventually receive a response, though far too late, which informed her that Nathaniel had given up his position as squire and was no longer associated with the Varley family. Regardless, when the edict came that she surrender everything of the Howe family to the Crown and Grey Wardens, she did so at once and without hesitation. It was the least that she could do in light of her father's treachery.

Shortly after, Delilah married Albert, officially ridding herself of the name of Howe. However, when Aedan Cousland arrived at Vigil's Keep to take up his position as Warden-Commander in Justinian, 9.31, she sent word by carefully penned letter, informing him of her whereabouts and her willingness to submit to whatever surveillance he deemed necessary. She never received a direct response, yet the revelation that her elder brother had, unbeknownst to her, returned to Ferelden and snuck into Vigil's Keep, resulting in his immediate death, was a stark enough message.

Though she mourned for the death of Nathaniel, the distance of eight years apart helped to assuage a portion of the grief. Moreover, amongst the sadness, there was utter joy: Delilah gave birth to a son, James, only a matter of weeks later. Alas, in Haring, 9.31, much of the city and arling of Amaranthine was destroyed by the darkspawn, with Aedan Cousland drawing his defences more tightly around Vigil's Keep. The Terrell family were in as much need as anyone else. Yet, surprisingly, this was the moment in which the people of the city finally accepted Delilah fully as one of their own, witnessing how she, a former Howe, suffered just as much as they. In turn, Delilah recognised that she could use her noble upbringing in a positive way, harnessing all of those qualities which were intended to be used as a future-Teyrna (her father's intentions) to help organise recovery efforts.

With the recovery of Amaranthine on-going, Delilah fully expected to return to the life she had established with Albert: managing the shop in Amaranthine, maintaining contacts and relationships in lieu of her husband while he was in search of rare items. A happy and contented life, Delilah would not have asked for more. This was the life she had chosen for herself, and that made it all the more precious. However, the continued absence of Aedan Cousland, who had vanished in early 9.32, was proving cause for concern with Queen Anora. The Queen, having heard of Delilah's actions and consequent standing in the community, sent word that she wished for Delilah to be given the title of Bann. She was frank in her discussions, explaining that this decision was borne of necessity given the inconsistent governance of the Grey Wardens over the arling, but that she also believed no daughter should be judged solely on her father's actions. With no suggestion that the Grey Wardens intended to address the disappearance of Aedan Cousland, Delilah accepted the title, though she secured guarantees for the safety of her family against any potential punishment from the Wardens. Queen Anora agreed but, thankfully, it has not yet been required. A few months after becoming Bann, Delilah gave birth to her daughter, Abigail, in the autumn of 9.32.

With gaining the title of Bann, Delilah found that some of Amaranthine grew wary of her again. She understood that actions would speak louder than words, and as such, is staunchly supportive not only of the City, but the arling as a whole. She has a majority support from the citizens of Amaranthine, though some still speak against her. However, most people recognise that a Howe doing something is better than the Wardens doing nothing, and that adds to other tensions within the arling. Alongside supporting her husband in his trading, Delilah is dedicated to improving the lives of those within Amaranthine, including those of her children. Her unique upbringing grants her the common touch coupled with an understanding of society common to any noble. She stands in an excellent position to best represent her people.

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