Alistair Theirin

Alistair Theirin

Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Alistair Theirin
Character's Nickname(s): n/a

Race: Human (or so he was told, but he is elf blooded)
Birth date: 26 Wintermarch, 9:11
Gender: male
Birthplace: Redcliffe Castle (or so he was told)
Height: 6’0”
Build: Athletic, muscled
Marital status: Single
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Templar
Occupation(s): Senior Grey Warden of Ferelden
Companion(s): Barkspawn, the most wonderful and adorable Mabari hound to ever exist and second-bestest boy who has never done anything wrong in his life ever.

Hair: Sandy blond and clean cut to slightly shaggy, depending. Typically haphazardly styled from running his hands in it. Sometimes when the sun hits it just right it glints like burnished copper.
Eyes: Gold/brown hazel, with a nearly always present mischievous glint. There is a canniness he often attempts to hide behind the occasional weaponized puppy dog face that not even Barkspawn can rival.

Other: Alistair’s countenance could be considered conventionally attractive by some, but it’s the guilelessness of his angled face and heirloom nose that often sets him apart from being generically handsome. He learned early in life that a handsome face with an impish smile could get him out of trouble, and uses it with great returns. Feigning confusion with a furrow of his strong brow has often been of great benefit, and it’s still something that works to his advantage even as a secondary Hero of Ferelden. He sports the scars, stretch marks, and musculature expected of someone accustomed to hard labor, fighting, and wearing heavy armor. He’s sometimes naïve to the realities of how others might regard what is under his clothing.

Weapons: Alistair favors Duncan’s shield: a heavy, silverite shield emblazoned with the blue and white griffin of the Grey Warden’s. He also carries his father’s sword, Maric’s Blade, an elegantly crafted silverite sword once wielded by the late King. It’s etched with three great silverite ruins which emit a glow when darkspawn are near, and shimmer when pulled free of the scabbard. These items give him a connection to a father he never knew, and a father figure mentor who perished unjustly, and whose loss he still feels keenly.

Usual Garments/Armor: Alistair favors the silverite armor of the Grey Wardens, providing him protection as a target of many hard blows and the flexibility that allows him to deal them just as hard.

Inventory: First a servant in Redcliffe Castle, then growing up in a monastery, Alistair has always lived spartanly. He has two personal items always on him: First, a silver flame of Andraste, set in crystal on a silver chain, once broken and painstakingly repaired, that once belonged to his mother. Second, his Warden’s Oath pendant on a simple black cord, given to him on his Joining. He wears both of them at all times, tucked beneath his clothes.

Basic Skill(s): His templar training taught him skills like first aid and maintaining weapons and arms. The latter he does in downtime, or when he needs quiet time alone with his thoughts.

He should not be allowed to cook.

Trade Skill(s): As a templar Alistair learned considerable martial skills, including small unit fighting. During the Blight he developed diplomacy skills while rallying armies of allies alongside Aedan Cousland. He can also deliver prayer, having a thorough knowledge of the Chant of Light, though he rarely does so without good reason.

Languages: Alistair received the best education available to commoners as a templar. He can competently read and write in Common. His Orlesian is grudgingly passable.

In-Game Skill(s): Master Combat Training (IV), Expert Survival (III), Coercion (I)

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities:Precise Striking, Threaten, Shield Defense, Shield Wall

Passive Abilities:Powerful, Bravery, Shield Balance, Righteous Strike, Mental Fortress

Activated Abilities: Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Overpower, Cleanse Area, Holy Smite

The first thing most people notice about Alistair, for better or for worse, is his sense of humor. He uses it to deflect insecurity, something that even being an actual hero has not conquered. His knack for having a quip for everything has often resulted in one foot making way for two in his mouth, and the more nervous he is, the worse this gets. Those closest to him know these things about him, and also that it is when he abandons humor that there is cause for concern.

Alistair is a paladin at heart; stalwart and true and always determined to do the right thing for the most people. This does not mean he has or always will stubbornly hold to an unjust law, nor should it be confused for naïveté. Alistair is more canny than he often lets on, and can and will notice things which might not be expected of him. As a Senior Warden, he’s used all of that to try and be the leader he believes Duncan believed he could be, attempting to balance his idealism with the practicality he’s only ever hinted at having.

Alistair’s big heart is often worn on his sleeve, and he is quick to love and trust, giving entirely of himself in loyalty and devotion to both friends and his found family. Because of this, he can be easily hurt. This is tempered with a near intolerance for betrayal, and he can be as quick to temper as he is to compassion. All of that considered, he is capable of putting his own feelings aside to do what he believes is best, but like any man, he will only be pushed so far. He craves a family of his own, and has embraced the Wardens and his Blight companions as such.

Under no delusions of grandeur, Alistair remains humble even considering the accident of his birth. Always feeling that his royal blood betrayed the very veins through which it flows, he's carried every mantle thrust upon him, which thankfully did not include becoming King. Even still, his Chantry education and training, as well as the events of the Blight still make him wary of mages. While he believes in preserving their rights, he’s not entirely convinced that includes a right to autonomy and independence.

The name of the Hero of Ferelden is easily spilled from tongues. While that name is not his, there are few who do not also know of Alistair Theirin, hero of the Fifth Blight, and Bastard Prince of Ferelden. He was not always Alistair Theirin, however. Born and raised in Redcliffe castle, rumored to be Arl Eamon’s bastard, it was not until he was sent to the Chantry to become a templar that his guardian revealed the truth of his father. Thus, Alistair believed he was the bastard son of the late King Maric and a serving girl. Alistair is in fact elf-blooded, but this is unknown to him, and most people who know the truth of his parentage have long since ascended their pyres.

Part pawn and part lucky bastard, Alistair's life always seemed in some state of flux. Even so, there are some who believe his life no accident. By sending Alistair to the Chantry, Eamon ensured that he would get an education and martial training not available to a boy of Alistair’s supposed station. Perhaps Eamon had arranged for Alistair to be a spare with no one the wiser. Perhaps the Grey Warden Duncan already knew who he sought the day he went to the Chantry tourney, recruiting.

However it happened, Alistair’s life led him to being one of only two Grey Wardens in Ferelden left to face both a Blight and a surging civil war. The rest, as they say, is history, and at the end of the Fifth Blight, Ferelden had a Queen Regnant, and Alistair was happy to finally leave his accidental birthright behind him.

Since then, Alistair has watched his companions in his adventures scatter to the winds, some keeping contact, others not so much, and others still disappearing like dreams in the first fog of waking. But some things can not be broken by time nor distance, and the bonds formed during that year would be among them. Even in the absence of the found family with whom he helped save the world, Alistair carried forward the lessons and experience gained and poured it into being a Senior Warden, though some days he's weary of the leadership role thrust upon him out of necessity. And Orlais.

As Ferelden grew and healed after the Blight, so did Alistair grow as a leader and heal from losses and betrayals that can scar a man as young as he was at the onset of the Blight. Never a scholar, Alistair was far more clever than most thought him capable. He's grown into a skilled tactician, and if his brush with being royalty taught him anything, it was how to watch for people manipulating him for their own gains. Alistair trusts easily, but he is no fool.

As his life moves forward in the Wardens, Alistair desires to keep a stability he never had until his Joining. The years passing since the Blight have given him as close to that as he will ever find. He enjoys his relatively simple life, free of shackles of his blood and father's name. He will never have children of his own, and will likely never marry, but that does not mean his heart is not wholly devoted, or that he lacks the bonds a traditional family would bring.

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