I am so sorry my darling boy.

(OOC: Letter delievered to the Denerim Compound the day Callum arrives.)

My Darling Callum, 

I do not know how better to tell you this, I could not delievery this to you in Person as I am aware that should you see any member of your family, then they will ship you out to another post and that. is what makes this harder for me. 

Since Liams ill timed but not surprising actions regarding Stefan's magical awakening, we have had not only Templars at our door but I have had to sit through interrogation after interrogation and asked more questions on my families history with Magic then i ever want to repeat. It seems the word NO means nothing to the so called protectors of the Chantries peace. 

This in turn has had a knock on effect, we are the subject of gossip, not the first time i admit but this time it has affected the business and so call friends and associates have stopped coming round. This time my son, the merchants of Amaranthine, those who have never liked the harsh truth that we have always been successful have won. Liams actions have merely given them the powder for thier explosives. 

It has got so bad that we have decided to sell the business. Whilst i will die before I sell anything to those bastards in Amaranthine. we have sold it to a Nevarran Merchant, an old flame of mine from long before you and your brother were born named Lucien, he has given us an above fair price for it and everything will move lock stock and barrel to Nevarra. 

At my age i do not have the energy to fight this anymore, so Stephen and I are selling the house and moving to Orlais. Arlesans to be exact. we have friends there who will not judge us by the fact our grandson is a mage. I wish you could come with me but i know that is not possible, and whilst Liams actions as a loving father are understandable, the consequences for us and you were not foreseen. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING i want you to understand that. I know not where Stefan is now, i do know he is somewhere in Orlais. A nice young Warden named Alessandra came to let us know and i thank her for that. 

Whilst the Grey Wardens saved my sons life, they have also destroyed it. I will not write the address for i do not want our useless Arl to use it against you and ship you off to a land you would not be content in. 

I love you Callum and maybe one day you and Liam will find your way back to each other. I will look for Alia before we go and let her know where we are moving too, at least the Warden Commander cannot stop that. I will miss you darling boy and i am so sorry. I have informed the Bann of the circumstances of our leaving and pray she does something to prevent the greedier merchants from this behaviour, i doubt they will, but i have told her that her wine which we supplied will now come via Nevarra. 

I have also left with her a sum of coin, that is for you it is your share in the business and i trust no one else to make sure it gets to you. I pray to the Maker you find a little cottage that you can call your own. Bann Terrell has always been good to us and as much as i love Alia as if she is my own i know that you wont get the full amount. Her dancing fingers won't let her. 

Maker keep you my beloved son. 

Love always

Mama xx