Everett Sanford

Everett Sanford

Basic Information
NPC Full Name: Everett Sanford

NPC’s Nickname(s): None

Race: Human

Age: 37 (12th August, 8.97)

Gender: Male

Birthplace: South Reach, Ferelden

Height: 5' 3"

Build: Athletic

Marital status: Widowed

Class: Citizen

Occupation(s): Owner of "The Griffin's Eyrie", Denerim


Hair: Short cropped black hair with a slight widow's peak as it begins to recede

Eyes: Dark brown

Other: Everett proudly boasts a handle-bar moustache, which seems to account for half his personality.

Weapons: Everett keeps a crudely carved club beneath the bar in case of brawls. He is also handy with his fists, but is not trained in any other type of weapon. His short time in the militia was a product of the nation's desperation, not a reflection of any skill. 

Usual Garments/Armor: Everett wears plain everyday clothes, usually in dark colours. He deliberately chooses materials which can be easily cleaned due to the multiple spills he encounters during the day. He usually has a cloth thrown over his shoulder.

Inventory: Handful of coin, a selection of scrawled notes and invoices

Everett is a time-served tavern owner. As such, he has a good working knowledge of numeracy and literacy. He is hard-working and capable of recognising potential business arrangements. He has a decent singing voice but needs persistent persuasion before he will share a song or two.

Personable and easy-going, Everett sets the example for his employees. He prides himself on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in his tavern, particularly for the Grey Wardens for whom he specifically caters his business. Nothing is too much trouble for Everett, and he works long hours to ensure that the good reputation of his business is maintained throughout the city.

He is keen to be helpful to everyone. Consequently, he ensures that he knows most gossip throughout the city, ever ready to provide a snippet of information which might prove useful to his patrons.

Current History
Although born in South Reach, Everett relocated to the City of Denerim when he turned eighteen, preferring to seek his fortune rather than work the fields for his freeholder family. Having only basic agricultural skills, Everett was limited in what he could do within the sprawling city, eventually setting for the hard labour of a dogsbody in a small rundown tavern. However, his ability to make repairs, learned from working on his family farm, soon made him invaluable, impressing the tavern owner. Consequently, Everett began to learn more of the business, finally finding a real use for the basic literacy and numeracy which he had learned from the Chantry Sisters.

However, the shady nature of those who frequented that tavern meant that it was burned down one dark night in the winter of 9.20. Fortunately, Everett had learned enough of the trade to secure employment in a more savoury tavern in the Marketplace, slowly but surely building up the trust of the current owners. During this time, he met and fell in love with the tavern owner's daughter, whom he married in 9.26. Together, they took over the running of the tavern, working to increase its profitability.

The Fifth Blight brought fresh challenges. During the siege of Denerim, the tavern was destroyed when the Horde swept through various districts. Everett's wife was killed during the battle, whereas Everett, ironically, was saved by virtue of fighting with the militia on the other side of the city. He saw the full horror of the darkspawn that day, and his admiration and gratitude to the Grey Wardens flourished.

In the aftermath of the Blight, Everett reclaimed the ruined tavern, channelling his grief over the death of his wife into rebuilding it. He renamed it 'The Griffin's Eyrie' and made sure that the Grey Wardens knew that they would always be welcome. Over the last few years, he has worked tirelessly to improve the tavern, hoping to express even a fraction of the debt he feels towards the sacrifices made by Grey Wardens across Thedas in its comfort. Recently, he has also added an inn for those who wish to rent rooms for a night.


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