Dear Brother (complete)

((ooc letter to Callum left at the Denerim GW Compound))


I don't even know where to begin, for the last week i have had Templars and Chantry at my door, question upon question about my wife and daughter, they had even been to ma and Stephen. By the time you receive this then Magdalena and Ariana have come with me to Antiva. DO NOT come after us. I have already had to inform the Templars of where we will be and until my daughter is at least ten we will have them watching us. 

I asked you for help Callum, i asked you to help us, to save my son. I know about everything you did when you ran the business, i know how many times you crossed a line and i thought, just once youd use those contacts to help my son. Instead you take him to the maker damned circle. You are my brother, all the years i have had your back and you couldn't even do this one thing for me. 

I have sold the Denerim Business, mum and Stephen got the bulk of the profits and the better stock but our business no longer exists in Denerim. I know you never asked to be a Grey Warden Callum, but i didn't think you'd become as much of a Bastard as the rest of them. I can never forgive you for this, and that is why your name will never be spoken in my house again. Ariana will never remember you.

if you ever come this way with your grey wardens keep riding you will never be welcome in my home again. You betrayed me brother