You Know Nothing (solo) (complete)

(9th Bloomingtide, 9;35 With )

Lessa opened the letter that had arrived for her by messenger and sat on the bench reading it. The Vigil had been a hive of whispers and gossip into overdrive, Daniel had returned the previous day and word had gone round about why he had returned alone. Now whilst she agreed that a mage needed to be in the circle or in the Wardens, if what Evie had said to her was anything to go by, then what Daniel had done was too extreme even for her. 

She heaved a sigh as she read her fathers letter. in light of what had happend and the actions of Callums brother it had been decided that Stefan was to be moved to an Orlesian circle and no it was not going to be Jader. Given what Lessa had heard the last few days she had a vague idea that he would be where his parents would never be able to gain access to him. Her father had said that the Chantry, whilst appreciative that Stefan's uncle and the Wardens with him had done the right and proper thing. they still should have taken the boy to the Amaranthine Chantry. her father went on to explain that Callum and his family must never ask after Stefan again. It was enough for them to know that he was safe but David did say to tell Callum his nephew was not going to Kirkwall and it seemed that had been his fear in the long run. 

Lessa didn't blame anyone for that, she had been to Kirkwall and she had seen what the city was like. She tucked the letter inside her cloak Now she had something else to do. She had to escort Daniel along with the group he was assigned to for the next three weeks, to the proper Deep Roads as Orric had termed it. What the Dwarfs called the Deep Roads, not what the humans called it. 

It would be a few days before Callum, Henri and Velanna returned to the Keep and she had no idea what the Warden Commander planned for them. To say Orric was a little pissed about the situation was a slight understatement.  in the three years Lessa had been at the Vigil she had grown a collective sixth sense that told her when the Commander was pissed off and that same sense said it was better that she not be here when they arrived back. Besides it would take a week to reach the entrance to the deep proper where she was to leave them to go on thier way and return to the Vigil. 

"Join the Grey Wardens, save the world from zombie monsters, and get arseholes joining you to make everyone's life more harder." She muttered to herself and headed down towards the Deep Road Entrance, well at least that had been fixed now. One less thing for Orric to moan about she supposed and that had been down to Bann Terell. 
Daniel had said very little on the way back to the Vigil, he had said even less when he had been told that he would be with a party of five others, two of whom were mages, one a healer and one offensive he supposed the word would be. He had then been briefed, he would patrol the Deep Roads proper, those roads that the Legion of the Dead walked on a daily basis and he would learn what it meant to be a Grey Warden. 

Daniel hadn't complained, he accepted it. Unbeknownst to everyone else it might be a way for him to gain more insight into the Wardens. Still, and perhaps wisely so he had kept his opinions to himself. It was not hard to believe that the two wardens that had overseen his confinement in that watchtower had told everyone here what had happened. The mages at the Vigil had kept a wide berth from him but thier eyes burned into him. Like he cared but he was now wary of saying too much. He had a suspicion that he might have let slip too much to the Commander. It mattered not if he had, the story that had gone round would cover his arse. 

"Escorts here." Warden Graves, unfortunate name, called and they all got ready as Lessa and two other wardens joined them. Daniels face lit up as he saw the woman he had come to admire. 

"Ready Marlon?" Lessa asked Graves.  Graves nodded and Lessa nodded for the doors to be opened and they filed through. 

Daniel moved up to where Lessa was walking and fell into step with her. He looked around to make sure no one was going to eavesdrop on thier conversastion "So um you do this a lot?

"Do what?" Lessa asked keeping her gaze front and centre as they headed towards the last doors. 

"Escort groups to the Deep Roads."  

"We are in the Deep Roads, where your going is what the Dwarfs class as the deep roads and no, i don't I've just been ordered to make sure you make it to the last doors down.

"Look um" Daniel stopped her and waited for the others to go past leaving them alone and set back from the group. Lessa looked down at his hand on her arm and then at him and he removed it. "I had my reasons for what i did, understand that right.

Daniel hoped she understood, he had seen the way she looked at the mages, she would understand, her father was a Templar, she had to understand and agree with his actions. Lessa looked at him heaved a disgusted sigh and without answering him she walked on leaving Daniel to catch up, 
They had got through the last door and made thier way through along the roads. After several hours of walking they all began the descent down. At some point Graves and Wayland decided to make Camp and Lessa helped set up a perimeter. Mindful of what had happened the last time she came into this part of the upper deep roads Lessa ordered traps set at intervals before allowing a camp fire to be made. 

"Three years a warden? You should be a Senior Warden" Wayland joked. 

"No thanks." Lessa retorted "Not after three years, six maybe or seven but not three." 

She checked the traps and checked on each warden before warning them that there were spiders this far up and said spiders had a temper. After their meal they settled for rest and Lessa took first watch. Keeping her gaze fixed firmly on the shadows. The memories of those dwarfs still firmly fixed in her mind. Not that they all couldn't handle mutated overgrown spiders but, the fight her and Alistair had was one of the toughest she had had, well after the Harvester and that was bad enough. Still, the thought of Alistair brought a ghost of a smile to her lips. When she got back she was going to get him to go for a ride around Amaranthine. Even he needed to get out the vigil once in a while. 

Lessa wrapped her cloak around her as a chill swept through her. The deep held dangers far worse than Darkspawn and although she never wished harm on anyone she hoped that Daniel would learn what it really meant to be a Grey Warden the hard way. She felt someone sit beside her and turned her head to see Daniel sit down "Any advice?

Lessa inhaled then breathed through her nose heavily "Behave yourself and treat your fellow Wardens with respect. Regardless if they are a mage or otherwise."

"I have every intention of doing so but i must admit i would feel more comfortable if you were with us." 

Lessa closed her eyes and shook her head "No, you really wouldn't." She held a hint of warning in her voice "You really wouldn't

Hearing the sharp tone of the other Warden Wayland rose her head, most people knew that knew Lessa knew that tone. "Hunter, leave Warden Howard be and rejoin the others by the fire you can take next watch." 

Daniel ignored her. "Have i done something to offend?"

Lessa bit the inside of her lip and getting up made a circuit around the camp and away from him. 

Daniel watched as the three escort wardens made thier circuits, spoke to each other then carried on walking around before joining them all. he ignored them for the time being,  just listening to the conversations that went round. 

"What do you suppose the Commander will do?" Warden Hayes asked "to Velanna, Henri-Julien and Callum?" 

Wayland heaved a sigh "I don't know, but nothing good." She ran a hand down her face "Wardens aren't supposed to have a lot to do with family when they join the order." 

"Easier said than done." That was Warden Daniels, one of the mages "But he will do what he will do," he glanced at Daniel "Don't know what the hell you did but you kicked up a real hornets nest." 

"Mind your own damn business." Daniel replied "What are you a weaving circle? The Warden Commander will do what he will do and we will live with it.

Lessa looked up from where she was cleaning her sword "What exactly Hunter, do you know about being a Grey Warden?" He turned his attention to Lessa as she spoke holding his gaze with her own. "You've been a warden for all of two months?  so tell me what exactly do you know about being a Grey Warden?

"To protect Thedas from the Darkspawn menace." Daniel replied "Its why i joined." 

"Hmm so you joined the Grey Wardens." Lessa got up "Willingly and what i don't understand is why leave the Templars and become a Grey Warden when the Templars don't think much of the Order of the Grey?

Daniel felt all eyes turn onto him but he calmly carried on cleaning his bow and looked at the string before undoing it and getting a new one out. "Why i left the order is my business. I just know i am here to fight Darkspawn. but i cannot change a lifetime of learning and whilst i wear the colours of the grey i will always do as the Chantry law dictates when it is necessary."

"Then you don't deserve to be amongst these men and women," Lessa narrowed her eyes "and the three weeks you are going to be in the Deep Deep Roads you better learn that or you keep on going and never look back." 
Lessa set her sword down as Daniel digested what she said. Lessa shook her head as a sneer crossed his face "The Vigil needs all the wardens it can get, and to think i thought you were something special I even told Burrows how good you were.

Lessa swallowed and crossed over to stand before before him and crouched down "I don't like Burrows very much, i find him arrogant, thinks he knows the answer to everything and treats everyone as if they have no intelligence on the same level as him. Well nearly everyone" She amended after a moments thought, There were some people Henri didn't treat with his usual sneer, some but not a lot. "but i would rather raise my sword and shield with him and beside him than i would you.

"Whats so special about Burrows!" Daniel threw his bow down and got to his feet. "He is a Templar like i am, and he broke the law! Did you seriously want to see a child executed for being an apostate! The only reason any of them are alive is because they are Wardens." Daniel motioned at Hayes and Dortmund "You cannot expect me to not act and it will take time for me to adjust!

"You didn't even have to join the wardens Hunter, No one in thier right fricking mind joins the wardens!" Lessa coldly replied ignoring everyone else who were staring at the two of them.  

"Your father is a Templar i would have thought you of all people would have understood the dangers of magic!" Daniel yelled. 

Lessa thought of Kinloch Hold that day and kept her face deadpan "i understand why the Order exists and i understand the need for the circle but every Templar i have so far met has been honourable. Our Mages may not live in a circle or may not be governed by Templars but without them the Darkspawn mages would cut us down like there was no tomorrow and there would be none of us left. So i ask you again. what does it mean it be a Grey Warden.

"I already answered that question." Daniel snarked. 

"I'll tell you what it means, it means keeping the boogiemen away from the surface, it means when the time another Archdemon rises, be it this year, next year or in the next 200 years, you give your life so that the world may live again. It means Sacrificing everyone and everything you ever knew so that you can protect them and you get no thanks for it!" She leant into his face "Thats what it means to be a Grey Warden. As for what you said to Burrows then its wishful thinking on your part because i am not better than him just as he is not better than me."  Lessa stepped back and looked at the other wardens "You better change your way of thinking because you are a Grey Warden now and you are not a Templar." Lessa went back to her seat and sat down "You may think you are doing the right thing by Chantry law but your actions have consequences just as thier actions have consequences. Your nothing special Hunter you are grunt, a newbie and you betrayed the trust of your comrades"

"I'm just as good as everyone else here." Daniel yelled at her "Don't treat me like a child"

"Then stop acting like one." lessa picked her sword up "because i wouldn't trust you to watch my back ever." She threw her hand over her shoulder "you better learn and forget about being a templar or you ain't gonna live long." Lessa raised her gaze again "and you have a lot to fricking learn you are distrusted and i can't stand you!" 

"You don't even known me!

"i know enough to know i wouldn't turn my back on you for a moment." She got up and hefting her shield she gave him a disgusted look"You're a waste of space Hunter don't ever think you are better than these wardens here. because i would trust then, with my life, you, i wouldn't trust you to arrange a piss up in brewery.