Andrew Mark Reid

Andrew Mark Reid

Basic Information

Character's Full Name: Andrew Mark Reid
Character's Nickname(s): Drew
Race: Human
Birth date: 17th Firstfall 9.08
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Kirkwall
Height: 5'11
Build: Athletic
Marital status: Single

Class: Rogue
Specialization: none
Occupation(s): Pirate (former) Thief
Companion(s): none


Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Dark Blue
Other: Andrew has short black hair with a fringe that spikes out and up. He has a tanned complexion and a small scar on his upper lip as well as one under his left eye, he also has a scar running along the left side of his neck from either a dagger or a sword edge, he also seems to have a permanent five o clock shadow.
Weapons: Shortbow (ironbark) and a battered and nicked Steel Dagger
Usual Garments/Armor: Leather Armour, one set of casual clothing hardly worn.
Inventory: whetstone, arrows, first aid kid, A battered and cracked small mirror for shaving. He also has a ring that fits on his little finger with a small green emerald stone in the middle that he never takes off. This was a gift from his twin sister that she had stolen. He also has a small pack of lockpicks 


Basic Skill(s):
basic hunting, cooking and first aid.
Trade Skill(s): stealing (cut purse), lockpicking and Sailor
Languages: can speak fluent common but cannot read or write.
In-Game Skill(s): Stealing, improved Stealing, expert stealing, survival, combat training, improved combat training. Combat tactics.

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Stealth, Stealthy item use, Combat Stealth, rapid shot, aimed shot, 
Passive Abilities: Deft hand, Improved tools, Combat movement, melee archer
Activated Abilities: Dirty Fighting, below the belt, Pinning shot, crippling shot, shattering shot.


Andrews has one of those personalities that changes depending on several factors, the weather, the company or if he plainly does not like you. He prefers to not spout out everything about himself and tends to leave out information that would enable someone to work out who he is and where he is from. Dangerous to know in his line of work.

He can at times be quite charming and this has, on more than one occasion made sure that he does not sleep alone. He has “a nice smile” but the smile never touches his eyes and his stare can be quite unnerving, if you happen to be on the wrong end of it. Someone, he has long forgotten who, told him that you can get great information from even the briefest encounter and pillow talk not only gets him what he wants to know but also a bed for th night. Andrew also loathes and detests the chantry he has no faith in the maker or the bride and he hates the templars. Even over time his loathing has never changed and this actually says more about his own insecurities, unable to protect his sister and being alone for the first time in his life. His whole demeanour he has geared to protect himself more than anything else.


Andrew was born in the slums of Lowtown, his mother was a whore and his father was a down beat drunk who, on more than one occasion got into trouble with either the local Merc band or smugglers, usually bad information or bad card playing. So given all that, the only companion Andrew had was his twin sister and the two were as thick as thieves so much so, that when their mother was out plying her trade and their father was out spending what little money they had on his next card or dice game, the twins would go out an about and make their way to the market where they would cut the purses of unsuspecting passers by, or rather his sister would distract them with home made trinkets which the tourists found delightful whilst Andrew relieved them off their purses. This of course was not something that was done in some maker given gift, because the Chantry frowned on such antics. It was as much trial and error before any success was made. Quite a few times the ruse did not work and the mark would turn to see little hands reaching for his or her purse, Despite these setbacks, Andrew and his sister tried and tried again until, eventually after more times than Andrew could count, (which wasn't very high), and after much practising on drunken slobs in Lowtown they finally hit paydirt. Now with the ruse working how they wanted they could reap thier just rewards. 

On thier first sway into Hightown and, seeing more wealth then they could ever hope for Andrew got greedy, as young children are want to do. So much so that whilst he picked the first two fairly successfully, he tried a third and was almost caught by the city guard who gave both of them a merry chase through Hightown with that near miss and rebuilding thier confidence before even going back to the rich peoples area, Andrew, the near miss clear in his mind, was always careful to never cut more than two and for now he avoided Hightown.

The near miss did have one side effect that they could not have foreseen. gang boss of Lowtowns street kids had watched the whole escapade and, whilst she would have said a few words to any of her kids if they got caught in such a manner, she did see potential in both of them. Andrew was small and fast, and his sister had a charm to distract the marks long enough for her brother to get in and snatch thier purse. They needed proper teaching and training but, the potential was there. it was easy to bring them both on board as they, like so many other kids in her employ did not having the most caring of parents The offer of food and a decent bed was enough. The Boss as they called her, placed them both with one of the older children and were told to listen, watch and learn.

Although their Boss ruled her small patch of ground in Lowtown she had eyes and ears in some parts of the city, she also had a couple of guards in her pocket, for a cut they would turn a blind eye to the kids activities in and around Kirkwall and it was an arrangement that worked well for her and her charges Things changed when Andrew was nine years old. His father had been found dead on the docks, his throat cut, and his mother just vanished never to return. not that it bothered Andrew too much, and his sister was happy enough where they were.

When he wasn't cutting purses Andrew would go to the docks and watch the guard, it was more to commit to memory thier patrol route as he did not know which guards were "on thier side" and which ones weren't. One night he watched as the guard stopped a merchant ship and heard an altercation between the senior guard and the captain, his jaw falling as the archers with the guard let fly fire arrows and burnt the sails to get thier point, whatever it was, across. Andrew watched the arc of the arrows and the distance and was smitten with the weapon. He kept asking his boss if there was anyone who could teach him and eventually, probably because she liked him and the coin he brought in, she arranged for him to have lessons with one of the alienage elves who did some work for her on the side. Andrew was told in no uncertain terms that this was to be done in his own time and not when she was sending him out to do a job or three. So, when he was able he would meet his tutor in one of the side streets and was given a short bow to train with and this arrangement worked well for a time until the guard did thier periodic clear out the Alienage and his mentor vanished never to be seen again, so when he was able, which was not often now, Andrew would practise on his own.

His Boss was not a mean woman, she understood that to get the best out of a child you did not beat them to death with a leather strap as some of her contemporaries wanted to do.You used cunning and guile, tell them what they want to hear and the rewards were worth it. Especially with Andrew becoming her favourite little cut purse. Yet for all that, as much as she liked Andrew and his sister, she did not understand nor did she trust magic and when, during a heist that went very badly wrong the girl came into her magic burning not only the goods but the men trying to beat up on her brother the woman fled, leaving them all to face the fate of the maker, or to be more correct about things, the wrath of the Templars from the Gallows, after all her neck was more important to her than getting the kids who saw her as thier guardian out of the way.

Andrew was pinned down by a watchman and the call was put out to the Templars who appeared from seemingly nowhere although in reality they were probably already on their way and with a chantry sister. Andrew could only watch as they did something to lay his sister low and then without a word the chantry sister spoke to her and they escorted her back over the bridge towards the Gallows. Andrew would never see his sister again Screaming in rage and crying her name he was beaten by the watchman and taken to the orphanage where he was dumped unceremoniously on their doorstep and left.

Andrew did not remain in the orphanage for long. For days he would sit in the chantry praying to the Maker to bring his sister back, to take her magic away and let her come home. He even made promises that he would be a good boy if the Maker just gave him his sister back, but his prayers went unanswered. Changing tact he started asking the sisters where his sister was but any question he asked about his sister he was told that he was to forget her and that he would not see her again. it was the Makers will, which made him hate the Maker more. He became more belligerent and got into fights with the other orphans, so much so that the sisters started to despair and began to talk about moving him out of Kirkwall to a stricter Orphanage. Overhearing them, Andrew waited until lights were out and creeping through the Orphanage he made it into the garden, climbed the wall and escaped.

Andrew made his way back to where he had been living since he was 7 and there was noone there, it was also no surprise there that all the money was gone, Either taken by his  boss who had abandoned them all, or, the city guard or, and this was more likely, both. Finding his short bow under the bed where he had hidden it he collapsed on the bed and went to sleep.

For the next five years Andrew made a living in Lowtown, it was not on the scale that he had been used to when he was a kid, he was taller now and had to make sure he was not seen by anyone as he went about his work. If he was caught he would not be dumped at the Chantrys not so tender mercies, he would either be thrown in prison or, depending on the magistrate, hung. Whereas when he was younger he could do what was expected of him with minimal risk due to the group he worked with, now he was older that risk was no so minimal anymore he met a like minded bunch of individuals a couple whom he knew from running with the street gang. He fell back into the thievery business full time and not just going from hand to mouth. As a lookout he could watch from a rooftop whilst the gang went about thier business, and use his bow if fights broke out, which they enviably did with rival gangs, when he was ready and had proved himself capable of watching thier backs, he was moved up into the actual thieving.

Andrew was 16 now and worked alongside an Elf who took a liking to him and took him under his wing, not only did he put Andrew through his paces with the bow once more, but he also started teaching him how to pick locks. He started by using an old chest at the hideout and would three or four hours each day learning how to use the picks and how to turn the lock until he could heat the subtle click that would tell him the lock was picked. Andrew lost count of the amount of picks he broke over those lessons but, the elf merely laughed and would tell him to do it again, and again and again. it would take him a long time but, when he picked his fist lock on a heist he was beaming from ear to ear.

This was a perfect set up for him, he had people he could trust and who got where he came from, he had food in his stomach and a roof over his head, be it an old abandoned goods shed. Or at least what they thought was abandoned. He wasn't on watch that night, he was out spending some coin with his mentor, When they returned to thier den, they saw the bodies outside of thier comrades and before they could react they were overpowered and dragged inside to face the actual owners of the "abandoned" place. Andrew kept his gaze on the men before him and had his face slapped not by who he thought was the leader, but by a woman. He was told to lower his gaze and his mentor nudged him. Andrew did as he was told and was certain now that he was going to die. Instead, after a conversastion between his mentor and the woman, whom the elf appeared to know, he was asked to explain where he learnt to do the things the Elf was telling them. Andrew told them and for whatever reason best known to herself the woman ordered both of them taken to her ship. They put the rest of the thieves to the sword.

Andrew found himself serving on a medium sized pirate ship. He started at the bottom of the hierarchy, scrubbing decks, repairing sails and all the menial tasks that someone like him was fated to do. gradually he when he proved he was competent enough they let him take watch. Andrew had learnt never to question the Captain or the first mate, the first few times he did he got a smack that nearly knocked him off his feet. He was made to watch as the Quartermaster lashed one of the other crewmates for dereliction of duty, he didn't know what the man had done but the Captain wanted to make a point to her youngest crew member. The point was made.

It was a raid on a smugglers vessel that Andrew really came into his own. He wasn't told to join the boarding party, he was told to cover the party from the deck with his bow, but Andrew wanted to more than prove himself, he was 20 and although he did not fancy the lash, he did want to move up a rung. Swinging over he came face to face with another of his old running mates, the man had been cruel as a kid and had always picked on him and his sister and, he was still cruel now. Andrew got into a fight with the bigger man and felt a sharp pain as the dagger he used cut a line across the side of Andrews neck. Be it rage or pain or maybe both, Andrew grabbed a fallen dagger and drove it in and up cutting the smugglers throat open. As a prize for his own, he took the mans short bow, a beautiful bow made of Ironbark. By rights this should have gone to the next man up but, the Captain took it. Only when they were back on board thier own vessel and Andrew had helped bring the goods across from the stricken smuggler vessel and then sent it to the bottom of the Amaranthine Ocean did the Captain call him over. He was chewed out for disobeying her but, he had redeemed himself by killing that smuggler and for whatever reason she gave him back the bow.

For 7 years Andrew served with the crew. When he went off on his own on shore leave he would always return with some coin or would take a couple of crewmates with him and raid some merchants warehouse just to keep his skills in. He was seen as some sort of lucky charm for the crew although for the life of him he was not sure why, he was just keeping his hand in. Pirates as a rule lived by the whim and the luck of the sea, and the Captain spotted her biggest prize yet, an Orleasian merchant vessel fat and laden down with riches and prizes that she had never dreamt off. Ordering her crew to prepare for a boarding they came up on the merchant ship, and didn't see the Orleasian Navy vessel escorting it. The battle was a bloodbath, the captain not only wanted the riches she wanted the whole ship and no amount of persuading her would do otherwise. The Royal Orleasian Navy vessel turned about and rammed the smaller pirate vessel sending men, women and wood to the bottom of the Waking Sea. Andrew was thrown overboard as the vessel shuddered and broke beneath him and landed heavy in the water, all he could do was hold onto some wreckage and let the sea carry him away from the bloodbath.

At somepoint he passed out and came too several hours later, sunburnt and suffering heatstroke on the deck of a fishing boat that was heading to shore. He was looked after by the healer and told that they had picked him up from the water. Coming into port he found himself in Amaranthine and for now this is where has remained. Healing and waiting for an opportunity to present itself. His prized bow is damaged and he needs the coin to repair it, his quiver has long since been swallowed by the Waking Sea his lockpicks are gone, although wether that was the sea or the fishermen Andrew didn't know and. really was in no position to ask. Any coin he had made for himself and not the meagre poultry sum the Captain gave them, is also floating at the bottom of the sea. He needs the coin to repair his bow and he may have to resort to cutting purses once more just to get the money he needs before anyone can take him seriously, 

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