Henri-Julien Barrows

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Henri-Julien Barrows

Basic Information
Character's Full Name: Henri-Julien Barrows
Character's Nickname(s): None

Race: Human
Birth date: 5th Drakonis, 9.06
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Amaranthine, Ferelden
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic
Marital status: Single
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Templar
Occupation(s): Grey Warden
Companion(s): None

Hair: Dark and wavy, Henri keeps it cut short. However, unable to resist a hint of Orlesian flair, it's long enough to require the occasional sweep back with his hand.

Eyes: Pale blue

Other: His natural complexion is pale, however as he is regularly on the road, his complexion darkens with weathering and the sun. Even so, Henri is often mistaken for being much younger than he is.

He has a variety of scars across his body from performing his Templar duties and his subsequent Grey Warden duties. He has significant burn scarring down his left thigh and knee from his time as a Knight-Tracker when an apostate resisted capture.

Weapons: Two tier 6 silverite daggers. The blades are engraved with the flaming sword of the Templar Order, not the Order of the Grey.

Usual Garments/Armor: Tier 5 Reinforced leathers which are, again, marked with the insignia of the Templars rather than the Grey Wardens. His leathers are enchanted with the Novice rune of Reservoir.

Inventory: Henri-Julien travels with a basic healing kit, whetstone and a pendant of Andraste. He, like most Templars, is addicted to lyrium and he carries a small pouch of powdered lyrium to manage his addiction when on the road.

Basic Skill(s): Cooking, first aid

Trade Skill(s): Negotiation, combat, etiquette, conventional investigation procedures and basic tracking methods

Languages: Common (fluent; literate), Orlesian (conversational only)

In-Game Skill(s): Combat Training, Improved Combat Training, Combat Tactics, Improved Combat Tactics, Expert Combat Tactics, Herbalism, Improved Herbalism, Survival

Combat Talents/Spells:

Sustained Abilities: Momentum, Dual Striking

Passive Abilities: Dual Weapon Training, Dual Weapon Finesse, Dual Weapon Expert, Combat Movement, Righteous Strike, Mental Fortress

Activated Abilities: Dirty Fighting, Dual Weapon Sweep, Flurry, Whirlwind, Cleanse Area

Confident and self-assured to the point of arrogance, Henri has no doubt that he is better than all of those around him. True, only the Maker may fully judge the merits of a person… but Henri will provide a working assessment in the meantime.

With a sharp inquisitive mind which has since been dulled by Chantry rhetoric, Henri is far more limited in his understanding and analysis of the world than he would like to think. He is condescending and often aloof to anyone who is not a Chantry Cleric or a Templar Knight, despite the fact that he is now a Grey Warden.

Failure is not something which Henri experiences very often. Identified as having the potential to become one of the most zealous of initiates, Henri was given all the advantages to advance through his initiate training and early years as a Templar. As such, he has rarely – if ever – encountered something which he could not master. Some would say that this is because he disregards any skills which do not come naturally as unimportant. In other words, Henri only strives to succeed at the challenges he knows he can overcome. His successful Joining only served to further bolster his unshakable self-belief.

Born to an Orlesian mother and Ferelden father in 9.06, Henri-Julien was raised in the city of Amaranthine with his three brothers and one sister. The marriage between his parents was tempestuous at best, the result of his mother having stayed after the occupation for a love that was more lust, and so Henri developed a unique combination of Orlesian snobbery and Ferelden stubbornness. He insists that he be addressed by his full name – Henri-Julien – and woe betide the person who does not use the Orlesian inflections.

The marriage of his parents finally splintered in early 9.12 and their mother departed Ferelden with Henri Julien’s sister, leaving the four boys with their father. Unable to provide for his family, their father turned to the Chantry and so it was that Henri Julien and his next oldest brother were given over to the orphanage.

Henri’s precociousness was soon noted by the Chantry Sisters, some with wonder and others with disdain. Yet no one could deny that the confidence was substantiated with an astute mind. The only way of controlling the potential disruption was by ensuring that Henri Julien was kept active. He was given countless additional lessons and chores which had the subsequent effect of exposing him to more of the Chantry and its ways of working than the other children.

By late 9.13, Henri Julien was identified as being suitable for a Templar initiate. He was removed from the Chantry in Amaranthine and transferred to Denerim so his progress could be assessed further. His natural arrogance was further inflated by this attention. Over the next five years, Henri Julien demonstrated that he far exceeded the mental ability but his physical ability was markedly less impressive. However, his understanding of tactics without any formal training was sufficient to approve him as a Templar initiate and he was deemed capable of honing the skills of a rogue rather than a warrior.

The rigorous training involved with becoming a Templar followed much the same pattern as when Henri Julien had lived in the monastery. Any aspect (usually the physical) at which he struggled was immediately dismissed as beneath him and he would train only to ensure that his performance did not impede on his other considerable accolades. He proved himself adept at the learning of templar abilities as well as military and combat techniques. Anything which was theoretical as opposed to practical was no challenge for Henri Julien. But his disdain for the physical served to cast shadows over his performance and so he was forced to attend additional training. However, the one on one nature of these sessions appealed to his sense of self-importance and so his combat skill improved to an acceptable level. In addition, his ever increasing zealotry for the Chant and its lessons meant that his trainers were more inclined to make allowances for him.

In 9.24, Henri-Julien undertook his vows and night-long vigil to become a full Templar-Knight. He spent the first five years of his new life shadowing another Knight-Tracker who taught him the further skills related to hunting apostates and demons which could not be learned in the relative security of the monastery. Henri Julien travelled the length and breadth of Ferelden as a result.

Finally, in mid-9.29, Henri was deemed as experienced enough to perform his duties by himself. Alas, his zeal to prove himself proved to be his undoing. In the autumn of 9.29, Henri-Julien pursued an apostate into Orlais, refusing to be deterred by geo-political borders in his fervour to uphold his vows to the Maker. His hasty and ill-conceived decision was swiftly punished: Henri-Julien suffered severe burns to his left leg as the apostate became increasingly desperate, ultimately succeeding in evading capture. Henri was left writhing in agony upon the ground until he was discovered by travellers. They helped him to the nearest Chantry who took responsibility for overseeing his healing. 

While he was healing, an Orlesian Grey Warden passed through the non-descript village, presumably en-route to some Deep Roads entrance. However, on hearing the unusual story of the stranger in the Chantry, the Grey Warden decided to visit with the Fereldan Templar. It was not on a whim: the Warden was a mage, and had Joined the Wardens as a means of escape from the grasp of the Templar Order. Needless to say, the meeting of Warden and Templar did not pass peaceably. Instead, after an altercation which would pass into legend amongst the inhabitants of the village, the Grey Warden declared that Henri-Julien was to be conscripted. They clearly did not anticipate that he would survive the Joining.

But that Fereldan stubbornness held strong. Henri-Julien did survive, much to the disgust of the Grey Warden, and he took up his new - and initially much resented - duties in Jader. By this point, much of the Fifth Blight had already unfolded and there were strict restrictions on travel from Orlais into Ferelden. Given that he could not leave Orlais, Henri-Julien decided to uncover more of this new Order into which he had been conscripted. However, the more that he learned of the Grey Wardens, the more he realised that his days of freedom where he could do as he pleased in service to the Maker were far from over. Hence that while the final events of the Fifth Blight played out in Ferelden, Henri-Julien embarked on his journeys across Orlais. Since he no longer had access to phylacteries, he instead focused on the other duties which exist beyond a Circle: hunting malificar, apostates, abominations, and demons. He also sought out mages newly come into their power to bring them to the nearest Circle. Where necessary, he would travel through the Deep Roads, slaying darkspawn as he went, but this was always a secondary purpose for him.

It was during one journey through the Deep that Henri-Julien learned of a strange darkspawn invasion in his former home of Amaranthine. The now-disappeared Warden-Commander had almost lost Vigil's Keep to the 'spawn, permitting extensive damage across the arling of Amaranthine which was even now not fully recovered. Yet that was not what truly captured his attention. Rather, it was the off-hand remark about Soldier's Peak and rumours of ancient blood magic which secured his focus. Henri-Julien informed his superiors in Jader that now the Blight was defeated and restrictions relaxed, he would relocate to Amaranthine. Seeing this as an opportunity to rid of a quarrelsome Warden, the Jader Senior Wardens readily agreed. 

He arrived in the summer of 9.33 to a stronghold which was navigating the absence of the Warden-Commander. What Henri-Julien did not anticipate was that w his almost three years of experience, he was considered amongst the most experienced of the Fereldan Wardens. So it was that he gained the title of Senior Warden, though it would not be recognised as such outwith Ferelden - and is not necessarily recognised by some of his counterparts. Henri-Julien is now located permanently in Vigil's Keep, though he also regularly roams the entirety of Ferelden. He consistently pushes for further exploration of Soldier's Peak and regularly clashes with his fellow Wardens.


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