• The Story of Warden's Vigil

  • Our Canon-Divergent Setting

While the Fifth Blight remained contained within the borders of the barbarian kingdom of Ferelden, largely due to the diligent efforts of Grey Wardens Aedan Cousland, Alistair Theirin, and their array of companions, its effects have spread much further. Despite having taken extreme losses from darkspawn and civil war alike, Ferelden nonetheless continues in a slow recovery, seeking to reclaim what was almost lost.

Those who fled the Kingdom of Dog Lords for safer lands now find themselves acclimating to their new homes. Some have even been tempted to return to Ferelden.

Across the Waking Sea and beyond, tensions, Chantry and otherwise, are building. Kirkwall teeters, as if waiting for something yet unknown to happen. Politics and racial unrest continue to be an ever-shifting tide in Orlais. A tug o’ war of power between the Grey Wardens and the Monarchy simmers in the Anderfels. Assassinations, coups, invasions, genocide, and revolt touch the furthest reaches of the Free Marches.

Perhaps nothing is watched with more wariness and uncertainty as the Andrastian Chantry, having bid farewell to one Divine and ushered in a far more radical new one. Meanwhile, the Tevinter Imperium, to the north, remains shrouded in dark rumor, and their mysterious Imperial, patriarchal Chantry.

The Fifth Blight began in Haring, 9:29, and ended in Wintermarch 9:31 when Aedan Cousland put his sword into the Archdemon’s head. Gameplay at Warden's Vigil begins in Guardian, 9:35, coinciding with the beginning of Act 3 of Dragon Age 2.

Infomation regarding key decisions from Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Awakening, and Dragon Age 2 can be found here.

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